“Node Tree” (multi-pNode set)

Hey @Linh.n just want to confirm with you if this part is delivered ? Sorry a bit lost in the conversation :sweat_smile:

Linh is sick and she is currently not leaving the hospital 1 week.
I updated her:

  • Complete build hardware board module. ready for software testing.
  • 3D prototype is printing.
Date Deliverable & Target
May , 2020 Model product design - Mockup samples (Node Tree) release (Create the scale prototypes after executing & making tests)

Hi @binh,

Can you please clarify “3D prototype printing”? Is this the prototype stated in the April timeline?

Sorry to hear that @Linh.n is in hospital. Take care of yourself Linh. I appreciate all the work your team is doing. Look forward to having Linh back so you all can plant some Node Trees :muscle:


Will these stackable nodes somehow be able to use the current pNode as a base? Or will we be required to purchase the base as well?

@Linh.n I was wondering if everything related to the node tree is going to be open sourced to keep with the Incognito trend of transparency. It would be awesome if all of the following could be posted to the Incognito GitHub (stl files for 3D printing, PCB files and bomb component list, computer or board used internally and custom code used to get the node successfully running on the hardware).

As a side note. I’m curious as to why a photo of 3D printers was used as an update when the item(s) being printed / on the table have nothing to do with this project or Incognito (for those interested the parts being printed are Mecanum wheels used for RC vehicles or hobby purposes).

Edit: Just saw the update about the hospital.

@Jared yes, we open source all design and components.

Hi everyone, I just came back and recently recovered my health. Many thanks for your all help & kindness.
Once more, during the medical leave, I realized there still has some defects that should be resolved about the primary design before finalizing the prototype, so the delivery dates need to be changed. We apologize that the current situation has delayed the product a bit and hope to deliver them asap this month. We will keep you posted about the progress when I get to catch up on other things.

Till now, our project was 6000 prv funded of the total budget.
From this point forward, to avoid diluting the value of this project and help the related proposals make sense, I will link the continuity of funding elements with this proposal Acquire 400 more Nodes, hit 1800 validators in total .Please check to get everything clear.


Glad to hear that you are better and recovery is going well! Excited about your development with this project!


Thankful that you are feeling better :muscle:. Is the node tree still on schedule for release in July or will the launch be pushed back?

I want a second pnode but I’m trying to hold off until the tree is released.


Exactly! same boat


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The specification will be the same as a regular Node. @Jared
Node-Specs (check this link)
Our software and firmware team think that was sensible requirements for building & running each own.

I’m sorry to have confused you, that was just a picture to show a view of the 3D printing shop, these also including the pre-production machine that use to print. At that time, they were running another order and tried to show the material for me, not exactly this Node product.
I cannot able to be there all the time so maybe next time will ask them to share with us our Node when it is ready to re-print. Or else, I will choose a perfect timing and cap a video for u guys to see how it really works.


Well, I still aim to have this launched at the end of July and also finished + shipped out the next stages. Conventionally it takes abt 2 months for 1st mass production (including the spending time to get the moulds).
In case of any unfortunate thing, I hope there’s no later than September. We will maintain the latencies as low as we try to.
Always, always expect to deliver a good and flawless Node tree to y’all.


July 2020 or July 2021?
Makes a BIG difference :joy::grimacing:

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Also, I may have missed it due to scanning the info, but, is there a plan to make it to where we can buy one or two “tree nodes” at a time, so we could build up to 10 in total?

People like me would love to buy say, 2 nodes to stack, then 6 months later buy the third to stack, etc.
If this has been discussed, then sorry :sweat_smile:

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I believe that is the plan. You can buy as many sections (up to 10 for each “stack”) of the Node Tree you want.

I’m hoping to see some kind of image improvement for the power source. It would be quite unfortunate to have such an elegant product and then the bulky, boring looking power source off to the side…
If it’s a third party product I can understand that but they just wouldn’t look good at all sitting next to each other.


Has there been any developments on the node tree as of recent?


Hi jared,

i think Node Tree will be updated the information on July.
As we know supplier has problem because Corona Virus, affected supplier and etc.

Hope you mind to wait :smiley:


That’s nice @FutureMiner,

But as far as i know the power supply just able to power 3-5 Node.
Maybe you could use 2 “Stack”.
Put in different places as antique on the desk. :smiley:

Thanks for your interest