“Node Tree” (multi-pNode set)

UPDATE (February 2020):

  • Refined ideas & sketch
  • Developed extraction of features, structure insights (ex: the connectors…)

In progress:

  • Testing the related hardware components
  • Developing on the main form of drawing design
  • Modeling 3D version for all

To do next:

  • Build a working prototype

Will the nodes have some kind of latching mechanism to keep the pogo pins from momentarily disconnecting? It would be quite a shame to have all your nodes lose power for a second in the middle of an earning cycle because someone bumped into the table they are stacked on.


Thanks for the update @Linh.n. I have just moved this proposal to “work in progress” since it’s fully funded. Feb funding has been disbursed and will continue to be disbursed every subsequent week dependent on progress.


@Mike_Wagner I understand your concern and we already think about that for the solution. Besides magnetic connectors, each individual module will have a type of support structures such as tongue & groove based on the surface. These also help the whole stacking system more stable though slightly impact force and assist with alignment correctly.
-Unless you try to jump on the table or push them away - j/k :sweat_smile:


What? I run a trampoline company. The only place I can put my Nodes is on the demo trampoline in my office. This will not work for me at all. :wink: :rofl:


Update (March 2 - 6, 2020):

  • Continue developing an appealing form & detailing function.
  • Selecting the optimal materials & sourcing some appropriate local suppliers to make a prototype.
  • Some of required components could not be fully tested yet - will start ASAP when get all. These problems are related to lack of stock & delay of shipments (international sourcing products were affected by nCOV corona virus)
  • Next week, we’re gonna try to release the fully implemented 3D design of version 1.

A little update (March 9 - 13, 2020):

  • Last week, we finished the HW layout board for LED display module.

  • Overall design of each Node module & some components placement.

  • This week we’re working on specific parts forming the main body of product & consider the materials to develop a prototype. Also, we will continue to create some testing PCB module based on LED board design.


It looks awesome :heart_eyes:


@Linh.n – I see a RGB SMD emitter on that board. It would be really awesome if that LED changed colors to indicate the status of the node. This could very easily be aligned with the colors in my Nodes status suggestion post. I choose colors that could easily be replicated with a RGB emitter like this.

  • The LED could glow white when the Node is first powered up/unconfigured.
  • The LED could glow blue when the status is “waiting”.
  • The LED could change to purple or magenta when status is “pending”.
  • The LED could change to green when status is “committee”.

Additional “modes”

  • When the Node is in a software/configuration failure (not synced, no network/wifi, bad docker image, etc) the LED could glow or slowly pulse yellow.
  • When the Node is in a hardware failure, the LED could glow or slowly pulse red.

Imagine how amazing it might be to look at a Node Tree with 5 or 6 nodes and see three, four even all six nodes with green or green and purple LED indicators, indicating both active & imminent committee participation!


I imagine it would feel like a Christmas tree :joy: Love this idea


Omg, I love this idea! I’ve been thinking about getting multiple nodes but I was worried about space. This seems perfect!


wow. this looks amazing @Linh.n! i want one at home :smiley:!

just curious… how do you guys solve the networking issue? are these all wifi connected? or is ethernet an option?


@duy- As mentioned above, we have designed each module to connect each other by using specific pins- ports (not only just for power but also for ethernet).
That’s the main point we need to focus on on the way of development.
Of course, all these still would have wifi networks to be built alternatively inside. :sweat_smile:


Hey guys, I just want to say thank you all for your kind attention to this new design product.
During last week, I have received a lot of feedback from you. We still keep moving on nicely despite the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Update (March 16 - 20, 2020):

  • We’re going to try some new components.
  • Also, the LED module motherboard are being made & done in next 2 weeks.
  • We have a couple of samples for the power supply, and one of them is still working as well till now - the other may not work out. And based on that, I can able to finish the base version.
  • We’ve chosen the main material - PC/ABS plastic overmold with scoop in design to protect the surface, which also compact & lightweight.
  • So over the next couple weeks, we’re going to try prototype one or more of this Node module by CNC-milled and 3D model printer.

@Linh.n safe safe and healthy! i can’t wait to see the prototype :slight_smile:

re: packaging – how many “blocks” will be packed in a box? and if someone wants to buy more blocks, do they just order 1 at a time? trying to see in terms of logistics, what’s the best way to pack and ship these units and at the same time provide the most flexibility to the users.


This looks awesome! Though what would users who already own a pnode do? They can’t be stacked, so we’d have to purchase this version?


Your current pNode will still work. Nothing changes for that one.
When in need for another pNode you will have a choice.


Sorry guys, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, our HW team is in the condition of lacking some materials for prototype, this progress has to extend about 7-14 days. I will update asap once we get ready for a model as well.
Though all our collaborators and team are working from home, we still have to be creative in order to keep every detail running well.

Weekly update (March 23 - 27, 2020)
Here’s the kit pack for power supply. You might see it’s a little big, but this is the best choice right now due to the test and able to handle 10 Node modules.

So currently what we are working on:

  • Finalize the technical base.
  • Build and make the motherboard connections.
  • Prototyping.
  • Try to figure out a reasonable way of making packages all.

That looks pretty bulky indeed. Regular PC power supply?
However there is no use in putting in a smaller one knowing it will not work eventually.
Looking forward to see a prototype.


Right @Jamie , that’s a typical one. Because you know, we have to stack at maximum of 10 Nodes in succession and these should be required suitable power supply to working as well.
That’s why I have to do some tricks on it as creating a new armour for better looking.

Usually, you will see a smaller one in case just provided for 1-2 Nodes.
Our team have tried to find a sample for less bulky looking, however they all seem quite big.
I got another sample in Laboratory & bet you will never want to see it. Lol