node tree launch date

after the nodes ship will node tree becoming out?


I would also like to know this, what’s the most recent timeline?

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Join the conversation here. No need to start new topics on the matter.

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Hi @Jamie, it looks like your link is broken now. Do you have an updated one?

Not really broken, the topic got removed instead of locked, it seems.

This is stated on the Roadmap post

Unfortunately also directing to the no longer available topic.


pNode & Node Tree are canceled.



Hey @RobynFitzooth As @Mike_Wagner stated, pNode and Node tree are being halted. We are re-focusing on the different important aspects of the ecosystem like preparing the network for release, you can find more information on this post: Incognito 2021 - Transparency, decentralization, and infrastructure

@Jamie Thanks for bringing that up ill edit that post.


how does the blockchain earn money and get payed if people cannot buy products and new stuff from incognito. You should find another person willing to make the products. Is incognito giving up?

new products would draw people to the blockchain. plz add more features to currrent node users like allowing for more minning of different crypto

The sales of hardware never contributed to the tokenomics of the Incognito network. That’s literally not how blockchain works.


Thanks @Chucky, @Mike_Wagner, and @Peter for updating me on this. Clearly I’ve been out of the loop on recent decisions, so thanks for helping get me up to speed on this. I can imagine that this was a hard decision for the team, but I think this will be a good move in the long run.

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The chain doesn’t depend on the number of physical nodes that are active. The physical node is (was) a way to make it easier for non-tech savvy people to join the project as a validator.

You, in general, can still run a virtual node, and if it is a powerful server you can add software from other projects as well to mine multiple cryptocurrencies.

I like the pNode, and love the Node Tree, but I am happy the team decided to focus on the core of the project for a bit.


Honestly I have no issues with this! :slight_smile:
MCLB is hosting PRV nodes cheap!! PM me if needed!

i own 4 nodes now. hope i earn more soon.