Node 'slashed' in the middle of earning?

My node was in the middle of earning for a few hours, when nito (the Telegram bot) all of a sudden said my node was not found anymore. Checked on my app and it said my node was slashed? And now its unstaked?

I’m not sure how the Telegram bot is configured but most likely it informed you that your node entered into committee but your node had an issue and was probably down. It took ~4 hours (1 epoch) for you to get the notification that it was slashed.

If your node is funded by Incognito send over your QR code and we can add it to the re-stake queue or if it was staked by you click the re-stake button in the app.

This same exact thing just happened to me! Right after it started earning, slashed…I’m trying the troubleshooting steps but the directions don’t say where to locate the QR code? Any help?

Hello @rocky_mtn,

The QR code can be found on the bottom of your pNode. The instructions don’t mention this as the in-app setup for the pNode already covers the location of the QR code.