Node 'slashed' in the middle of earning (again)

My node was in the middle of earning for a few hours, when nito (the Telegram bot) all of a sudden said my node was not found anymore. Checked on my app and it said my node was slashed, but still says ‘waiting’. Whats going on?

Now it says its unstaked (it was a pre-staked pnode) I never unstaked it. I’m not sure why this keeps happening. This is the 2nd time in a short period of time.

Hello @yortie,

It is possible, but highly unlikely, that the RAM or SSD of your pNode could have gone bad.

We can test this via a remote session.

What kind of connection to the internet do you have? Prior to slashing was your pNode Sync Status Latest?

Its connected via wifi. Always has been. And no, when I woke up and looked it said slashed and had a green circle where it said waiting.

Then I checked again about 45 min later and it said it was totally unstaked

What is your connection speed?

Do you use the node monitor?

Most likely there was beacon or shard stalling.

I have gigabit speed from xfinity. And here are my screenshots from the node monitor link you gave me

Okay so not a connection speed issue.

Most likely there was a stalled beacon or shard.

If this is a self-staked node then re-stake it. If it is a funded stake by Incognito send me the QR code and I will have it added to the list to be restaked.

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