Node shipping

Ordered my node a while ago and still waiting for shipping info and other information to be sent to my email

I woke up this morning and had an email from Incognito stating the following:

"Dear Node buyers,

It’s been over a month since you purchased the Node. We’re grateful for your patience. We’ve been working hard to have new Nodes available at the end of June. And now, they’re ready!

We are undergoing the final Quality Control process now, to make sure you get a perfect Node in your hands. So, the updated ETA is as follows:

Your Node will ship on July 6th, and will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive due to some international shipping processes.

Thank you for being patient with us. We will keep you posted when the tracking number is available next week.

Have a good day!"


Nope I never even got that email

I saw in another email that they are shipping 400 in July. Still waiting on mine, but I’ll be patient. Is that number right @Peter

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Mine went straight to my junk folder so maybe check there if you haven’t already? I remember them saying they sold a ■■■■ ton during that 50% off sale so they were expecting to send things around July.

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Nope all I got was conforming my order and it should have been here already

Hi @Jan_Sokolovits, nice to e-meet you :innocent:

Can you please give me your email so that I could help check your shipment status. (Or send me a private message if it’s going to be more comfortable for you)

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Hi everyone, we currently have about 100 new Nodes in stock and it is ready to ship on July 6th. These Nodes are for those buyers that bought the Nodes during the pDAI promotion in mid-May 2020.

Thanks @walkonwayvs for the confirmation that you received the above email, which was sent specifically to the one who will receive their Node in the next weeks.

The production is still ongoing. We are trying best to have those 400 Nodes available at the end of July as @JFinky2 mentioned.

We will send you the details when those 400 Nodes are ready to ship @Jan_Sokolovits @JFinky2

Thank you for your patience.


@Peter no problem. Just happy to be part of the network of nodes.


Awesome Peter thank you for the update! Suuuuuper stoked to receive my node! That is going to be a good day receiving that puppy in the mail :star_struck:


Can’t wait to get my node. Wonder when the new node tree will be made available

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I managed to grab two nodes during the pdai sale, one towards the beginning and one towards the end of it. I got an email in regards to one of them shipping soon but hadn’t really gotten much confirmation on the other. I’m assuming it would be shipping in that later batch of 400 but I’m just wanting to make sure one of the orders didn’t slip through the cracks.

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@Jan_Sokolovits There is a July target for the Node tree: Release the prototype. You can refer to this post: “Node Tree” (multi-pNode set)

Hi @CryptoIsFun May I know the email you used to order those Nodes?

Sent you a message. Happy to provide wallet addresses too to help confirm things.

Thanks, @CryptoIsFun. You purchased 2 Nodes during the pDAI sale. Both of them will reach you at one time in this batch. There is no need to wait for the later batch of 400.

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Any Nodes ship out yesterday on the 6th for the May buyers, did anyone get tracking numbers? I did not receive anything.

The Node was on the way to the US warehouse on July 6th. Once it reaches there, we will have FedEX/ UPS delivered the package. Until then, the tracking number is not available.

So now it’s clear it will ship from the US, so a customs fee to Europe will apply.

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@Kerbox Yes, that’s correct. Customs/ clearance fee will be paid on your own

The package price is declared at the discounted price.