Node Setup: it shows wifi connected but no interenet

Hi, I’m new to Incognito’s Node device, I tried several times but failed at the last 2 steps, here is the screenshot.

It said the device was connected to wifi but no internet, but my othere devices (mobilephone, laptop) can access to internet through the wifi. I followed every step extacly the instructions told.
Anyone have similar problems?
(PS: I’m in China)


Hi @jindouyunz, in this case, I suggest that you make sure that you turn off your mobile data, and tap on “Retry” to let the setup process continue.


Hi Peter, I did turn off mobile data and tries several times, but still have a the same problem.
Today, I bring my Node to office, the setup goes more smoothly, but it shows as the following for minutes.


Hi @jindouyunz It is good to know that the setup was successful eventually. Let’s try to restart the app because that screen shouldn’t take too long when you have 1 Node only.