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For 86%, it’s our estimated calculation based on the initial investment (399$ ~ 800 PRV current price) and the PRV return within a year. The team 'll possibly publish a post regarding that. Stay tuned!

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@annie It would be great, if you could add the unstaking process to this post too. That way we could see the whole pipeline/transaction from start to finish. And if you could address what the timing is associated with unstaking from the pool too.

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@hdsouza it appears that the glitch has been corrected. Mine now shows 57%!

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Question: does the rewards earned automatically stake themselves or do they have to be withdrawn and then reapplied?

If you’ve earned PRV on a node it has to be withdrawn first. Once your earned PRV has been moved to your wallet you can then add it to the node pool.

What key is the node pool staking tied to?

Tap the key icon and you’ll see all the keys associated with your pStake account, including the private key. You are also prompted to save the key upon your first staking deposit (I think that prompt just links to this screen FWIW).

Sorry meant after you use the staking pool, is the amount generated automatically staked?


Thanks, Yes mine is corrected too.


hi @annie , can you please help @Roman clarify this issue?

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Hi there, i just want to clarify that the performance of the Incognito network is not at all related to the amount of PRV staked in the network. Unstaking will never affect how many transactions Incognito can process.

Constant keeps a liquid reserve of PRV in order to offer 24 hour withdrawals. However, as has been a surge in PRV withdrawal volume from Constant’s side, the reserve seems to be running low. Without this reserve, Constant will need to unstake their nodes, and so the normal random unstaking process will apply (anything between 4 hours to 3 weeks).

I hope I’m making myself clear enough!

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So is the 86% not in effect as of today. Is there any ETA when it will be available? (I ask as I have a physical node)

@annie and @Ducky. I have gone through the process to unstake some of my PRV from the pool, but its been 8hrs, and the PRV has not been deposited into my wallet…

What is the timeframe for an unstaking from incognito pool?

I am assuming this is not an automated process, or is there some other reason for the delay. I also noticed there were a few other people posting similar delays in Telegram, so I just wanted to ping you here to see what timeframe should be expected.

Hey, unstaking usually happens immediately. This is automated process. However, we experienced some glitches in the system so we are fixing it right now. We will manually process the pending withdrawals within today and after that we will make some improvements to this process.

Thanks for asking :grinning:.

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Did the Staking APY just fall 20 points to 37 APY… or is it just on my device?

It’s for everyone. See Node Pool Returns changing.

It looks awesome! :hotsprings: