Node Pool

Update: Node Pool has upgraded to Pool v.2. Please check the details here: Pool.

Get a 37% annual return on your PRV

Staking pools are the simplest way to grow your PRV. This tutorial will walk you through how to join the Incognito staking pool, accessible from the Incognito app.

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There is no minimum investment required, no need to stake your own Node, and rewards are paid out every second.

There are also a few community-run staking pools you can join, such as Jservers or Constant. These will have their own terms and conditions. Visit their sites to learn more – every PRV staked makes the Incognito network stronger.

Don’t have PRV yet? Get PRV.

Here’s how the Incognito Node Pool works.

Your PRV deposit is added to a pool. Funds from this pool are used to fire up Node Virtuals. You earn interest on your contribution to the pool (currently 37% APY).

This means you don’t need to have the full 1750 PRV stake to help power the network, neither do you need to purchase a Node device. It’s the perfect option for those who prefer an easy-entry, hands-off approach.

Now, here’s how to start growing your PRV. You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

1. Open Node Pool in the Incognito app

Tap on Stake PRV in the home page of your Incognito app.

Don’t have the app yet? Here you go:

Appl%20store       google-play-badge

2. Tap Stake

There’s nothing in your staking balance yet, so let’s change that. Tap Stake to open up the Deposit screen.

3. Choose the account you want to deposit from

Here you’ll see a list of your accounts, and their respective PRV balances. You’ll need to make a deposit from one of these accounts to your pStake account.

Let’s select Account 0.

4. Enter the amount you want to stake

Just enter the amount you want to earn interest on, then tap Deposit. There is no minimum, no maximum, and you can unstake anytime.

Success! You made a deposit. It may take a couple of minutes for your balance to update. While you wait, remember to back up your staking account!

5. Watch your PRV grow in real-time

Congrats, you’re now earning 37% APY. Interest is paid out every second, reflected in the running total of your balance here.

And that’s pretty much it! The whole process should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Unstaking is easy too. Here’s how.
Need PRV? Get some in the app.
Want to estimate your ROI? Play with numbers here.

Access Node Pool from the Incognito app.


Try out Node Pool, and let us know what you think.

Happy staking!


So with the pNode, we’re already staked or do I have to wait until I’ve mined something?


Thanks Ducky. I am seeing 50% instead of 57%.
How do I get 57% instead of 50% .

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@Ducky this is a great addition to the earnings options for PRV holders and a great way to grow the network. I’m adding my PRV right now!


Question: is the return made through doing this greater than staking on a node (virtual or physical)?

I guess the answer to that question will influence where users look to invest their PRV.

Generally speaking, the need to support the nodes theoretically should always outweigh other options surely?

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Hey, with the pNode, it’s already staked, you will see your earning soon! This one is Node Pool, different than pNode (Node). For Node Pool, you do not need to own a plug and play device, you just need to buy PRV to stake, while for Node, you have a beautifully designed “Node-mate” and enjoy greater annual rate. :slight_smile:


Sure it does. The Node Virtual now enjoys the biggest Annual ROI (~122%), followed by Node device (~86%), then Node Pool (~57%).


@annie I already have the node device. How do we get the 86% . Any documentation on the process. Thanks

hey it’s actually 57%, just a glitch on the app display. It’ll be fixed soon.

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For 86%, it’s our estimated calculation based on the initial investment (399$ ~ 800 PRV current price) and the PRV return within a year. The team 'll possibly publish a post regarding that. Stay tuned!

cc @ducky


@annie It would be great, if you could add the unstaking process to this post too. That way we could see the whole pipeline/transaction from start to finish. And if you could address what the timing is associated with unstaking from the pool too.

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@hdsouza it appears that the glitch has been corrected. Mine now shows 57%!

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Question: does the rewards earned automatically stake themselves or do they have to be withdrawn and then reapplied?

If you’ve earned PRV on a node it has to be withdrawn first. Once your earned PRV has been moved to your wallet you can then add it to the node pool.

What key is the node pool staking tied to?

Tap the key icon and you’ll see all the keys associated with your pStake account, including the private key. You are also prompted to save the key upon your first staking deposit (I think that prompt just links to this screen FWIW).

Sorry meant after you use the staking pool, is the amount generated automatically staked?


Thanks, Yes mine is corrected too.


hi @annie , can you please help @Roman clarify this issue?

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