Node Pool update

Hi Node Pool users, here’s a quick update:

As some of you will have noticed, there were some glitches that so many withdrawals and deposits with small amount happening over the weekend. With that, it causes to slow processing from our site so we are fixing them right now. Sorry for the inconvenience! While we make sure everything can run smoothly going forward, we’ll have to pause deposits and withdrawals for 48 hours.

In the meantime, interest is still running in general, but not for the pending withdrawals.

For those of you who have withdrawals pending, these will be processed immediately once the fix is deployed. All withdrawals are automated, so once everything is good to go, withdrawals should take just a couple of minutes.

Thanks for your patience!


Can you provide us an update as to what exactly went wrong and what is going to be done to make sure this issue is not repeated in the future?


Hey @Jared, this happened because there were many many small withdrawals and deposits over the weekend. That caused slow processing, so we need to stop and fix it right now. We are processing the pending withdrawals and hopefully they will be done within today. After that we will make some improvements to the automated process so it won’t happen in the future.

hope that helps! please let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks, @Ducky! I just initiated a small transfer, and it processed within minutes. Is it safe to assume the fix is in place? Or should we wait another 24hrs or so before attempting larger transactions?



Hi everyone,

All glitches were successfully fixed and everything’s working well now. From now on, your deposits or withdraws at any amount of PRV will be processed within just couple of minutes.

Thanks again for your patience!
Enjoy your time with Node Pool :grin:


Hi @Gold,

Everything is working well now. You can try larger transactions as you want :slight_smile:
Thanks for experience the Node Pool!

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