Node owners borrowing stake now earn more!

When you own a Node (physical), you can borrow PRV to stake if you don’t have enough. Thanks to a new change in the earning ratio, borrowers now get a raise.

Previously, Node operators who borrowed their stake got 25% of the rewards from a Node, while 75% went to the funder. Now, the above ratio has been changed! The new ratio is 35/65, effective immediately. This means that if you stake borrowed funds, you now get 35% of the Node earnings.

As a result, the epoch reward for being a validator is now about 3.8 PRV. This change affects all earnings from April 16th! Have you seen your reward balance increase? :sunglasses:

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@Peter Hooray :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:


@Peter first of all congratulations , i have a question , is this split going to change again in the future or not ? Will it ever be something like 50%-50% ?


It is hard to say. I wish I could confirm with you about that.
cc: @annie


Is it something to do with how many validators exist ? To keep network Decentralised ?

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why cant we borrow for the virtual nodes as well? I would love to be able to borrow for a virtual node as well.

@klepidas7 Existed validators are working fine. Could you please explain further?

Thanks for your idea, @duke500
cc: @annie

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No i mean , the split changes similar to number of validator changing ?

No, it isn’t.