Node not found on Node Watcher

Have you tried the telegram bot? It works better than the website for me.

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Hi @VINWOSNI, recently we updated the Node account for you. That helps you to receive the rewards when you tap on “Withdraw earnings” on the app.
To check for its status, the public key of your new account [12jfc8puj9BVwXSo3hZ6YmrbszSTaHxdhLSYFxeNbPTDFTUrDLm] doesn’t work. As that account is used to receive the rewards only.
Please use this public key instead: 1epfdk3T72239rb6dZHSfeXonSi8b98kULCwxpSGsEvVWQghdQ

That is from the original account that you lost the access to, which helps to show the correct status of your Node.

OK, thanks, I’ll keep that old key around.
Will earnings still show up on the node screen?

@VINWOSNI yes, it will show there

I have the same problem, I can’t find my node address.
I tried with the public key of the newly created account, after the setup of the new pNode yesterday.
What’s the correct address I have to use to monitor my pNode status?

Using the public key is right. You only see your pNode on the watcher after it is activated by the Funded staking, which is being handled manually from Mon-Fri. @Horus87

I thought Funded Staking was automatic for pNodes. When did that change?

@Mike_Wagner It is still a manual process from the beginning, just like pNode withdrawal. Where did you see it? We need to modify that post/ comment until the automation is ready (hopefully this week).

Hi, I’ve setup my first pnode yesterday, i also dont see it on the Node watcher yet. I’d like to stake 1750PRV myself instead of the funded staking…cant find any tutorial how to proceed. Can you pls advice. thanks.

Hey @Josef, your Node is in initial staking process now. Once it’s done, the “Unstake” button will show up on your Node screen, you can press on it to unstake your Node, then re-stake with 1750 PRV for self-stake option.

It will be done soon, no worries. In the meantime, pls make sure that you have enough 1750 PRV ready to stake :slight_smile:

Good thanks! :slight_smile: I have to have the 1750PRV on the Node account?

Correct! On the account which is associated with your Node (has the same name as your Node ID).

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ok got it )

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I think it’s just my bad memory. I thought I recalled Funded Staking was stated to be automatically processed back in the early days of the project (late 2019/Jan. 2020).

@Horus87 Did you see it on the watcher by now?
@Josef You should be able to unstake by now. This is the instruction:
@Mike_Wagner No worries :sweat_smile:

Yes Peter, now it’s working! Thanks!


Hi Peter, I’m following the instructions and now waiting for the unstaking to process. Thanks!
How long may this unstaking process take roughly?

@Josef Due to the random selection, it depends. It might take only 3 days, but it can take up to 3-4 weeks.

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Done…staked with 1750prv now and seems its running. Node watcher says: “Waiting to be selected.” Looking forward to process the first transaction :sunglasses:


Today the node on node watcher says : “In shard number 5. Pending…” …what does it mean? Thanks.