Node not earning for a month

I know I know, be patient, and I have been…very patient. But this new Node of mine has not earned even 1 PRV in more than a month… (Node 2438-903017). My old one was earning quite well… and they are sitting right next to each other. :frowning:
Anyone? @Peter, @ning, @Ducky

Thank you!!

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Not cool at all.
Maybe consider some changes at the algorithm?! :thinking:


Hi @bullio67, I see that you have some PRV in the Node: it is around 7.65 PRV. If that isn’t the reward you just earned, all we can do now is waiting for some more days. Your Node is also visible here:

@flurgx If changing the algorithm just helps to avoid this waiting time, I guess the team will decline :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi @Peter… that is weird because here’s the screenshot of my phone this morning of my two Nodes:


In case you cannot see the pic, it shows 0 PRV for both Nodes.


I see, my mistake: Didn’t know that you are using your own 1750 PRV to stake with the pNode.
I check again and see that it is showing as 0 like you app does.
Let’s wait for some more days patiently.

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Hey guys, I know many people have asked whether their vNodes are working and, although I know mine is working, I am questioning whether it is truly worth the investment. I spun up my first vNode over a week ago now and I have seen 0 return at all… I understand the randomized selection logic, but staking over $2k and seeing no return whatsoever after 7 or more days makes me question what the returns might even look like, when it ever comes. I mean, all that PRV could be cumulatively earning 28% APY in Provide… I’m especially nervous for when the Dev team spins up another 200+ vNodes in a few weeks - that’s going to slice my chances even more.

So, here’s my question:
Is it worth it to keep just a single vNode up and running? If you only had 1 vNode (running on great VPS on a student deal), would you keep it running? Would you split up into a few pool nodes? Any way I can increase my chances? How can I improve my earnings? It just feels like it’s not worth it to run just one node anymore. Any and all guidance/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: attached screenshot of my app’s Power page. Again, painful to see just ‘0’… Can we add anymore info here? Maybe adding an updating percentage to represent odds-of-being-selected (e.g., 1 node / 2268 nodes - 8 days since staking = ~45.2% odds of selection today. Totally made up numbers, but you get the idea. Seeing something change on the page every day might help a bit for newbies.)

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Each person has to decide for themselves if it’s worth it to run a node. A lot of us run a node(s) for more than just to make a profit. I personally run nodes because I strongly believe in Incognito and what they are trying to accomplish and strongly feel Incognito will make it big. If there was no stake required and no reward I would still run nodes to support the project. Staking rewards have gone down (due to additional nodes being added and the recent ~yearly reward decrease) but personally I think it’s still worth it for myself.

You need to factor in what you’re paying for the VPS and then look at potential profits compare to other investments (whether that be pStake, other cryptos or even things outside of the cryptosphere).

2 weeks doesn’t really seem long enough to get a true feel of earnings. I’d say give it at least 1 - 2 months and then consider your earnings.


Hey Jared,
Thanks for the reply! I agree–I’m really excited for Incognito and the future potential of the network and community! In fact, as a software dev myself, I’m even excited to get more involved and help build once I have more time.

Of course, though, seeing a 0% return so far from staking a node vs seeing the immediate results of 28% APY day-over-day is tough to grapple with initially… Maybe an animation or an updating number would ease newbie validators like myself… Although, looking at my made up math above, you can see how silly it could be. :joy:


Hey @PRVhodlr,

You can see this thread for earning statistics :

I have 10nodes myself and it is accurate. Overall average is 20 PRV/week per node


My little Node hasn’t earned for 1 month. However, I keep running it to support the network, and even waiting for Node Tree to come :slight_smile:

This is def not an advice or guidance for you @PRVhodlr. Just hope that this sincere sharing can help ease your pain :see_no_evil: :joy:


Hey @PRVhodlr,

Take a look at the statistics above. I’m running 11 nodes as well. Pnodes and Vnodes. 55% is a pretty accurate average for me as well. Its hard to let that 28% go when its constant and you’re not seeing returns for weeks. Ive had nodes go over 30 days. But, when your node hits 3 times in a week, suddenly you remember why you stopped adding to provide. And clearly, that 55% will go up if you reinvest your earnings back into provide.

You really need to start looking at your earnings month to month. 1750 PRV sitting in provide should make you 37.6 PRV a month. As long as your average is higher than that, you are ahead. If you want to start tracking your node, take a look at my Incognito Earnings Tracker. That might help break down your stats a little more.


The monetary break down for validators right now is not good and overall won’t be looking better.

The reason for this is quite simple. There are consistent nodes run by the incognito team which get the blocks much more than others and the block rewards are reduced over a period of time. It can also take quite a bit of time for a validators to get selected.

If my math is correct. If you are doing it for the profit put the funds into provide. It’s more consistent and you have more probability of getting your money’s worth. Rewards are kind of autostaked again making even more profit as time goes without you needing to do anything.

The outlook won’t be looking better as time goes on as more and more validators are being added. Everyone putting funds in provide also pushes the incognito team to turn on more validators.

Breaking down the APY on a per person basis is not a good metric. As more and more validators are added the APY decreases in a linear way. Even more so when incognito’s team adds their consistent nodes. The variability is looking worse.

My view. If you want to help the network out by all means setup a validator. If you are looking for long term profit with minimal work just put it in provide and be done with it.


Do remember that the fixed team Nodes will be phased out eventually, and that the number of shards will grow from 8 to 64, bringing open validator slots to over 16,000. So long as network traffic keeps pace to need that many validators, the frequency of earning does have the potential to increase over time. I love that we’re focused on the good of the network as the primary reason to run Nodes, but I don’t think it’s accurate to assert that it’s not financially viable :slight_smile:


I’m not saying that it can’t be financially viable. It’s just that the consistent nature of provide’s reward vs the inconsistent nature of the validators reward at this time doesn’t look good for the long term rewards of validators.

The block rewards exponentially decreased as time goes on. If you tie that up with the sharding growth (64 shards will need a whole lot of work to do to make it stable and secure) and the linear decrease in momentary rewards for validators as the shards increase it doesn’t look good. More shards mean more consistent reward flows but smaller rewards per block per validator.

I personally don’t think the incognito’s team will ever remove their consistent nodes as long as provide is designed in this way. Only when they change the block rewards to set a portion aside to maintain the liquidity rewards will, in my view, allow them to reduce their grip on the network. Otherwise they will always be topping off the provide rewards with the consistent validators. In a way it is the same effect for validators trying to make a profit.

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I’m waiting for my node earning, 20 days now

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My node is waiting to be selected, ~30days now
Should we sell it?

Welcome to the community mrtrantuan… :sunglasses:…and as to your question…I would not sell ypur node…Even though yes it has been 30 days it will earn soon enough…just be patient…it will be worth the wait… :sunglasses:


Hi @mrtrantuan, just be more patient as it is a totally random selection.
There is also another way that gives you constant earnings. You could give a try: Provide


Thanks @Peter

Yes, I think you should sell it. We see the long term outlook is quite terrible for individual or home node runners. I think we can not longer view running nodes, as individual home users, as viable or even as a worthwhile endeavor.