Node not earning for a month

I know I know, be patient, and I have been…very patient. But this new Node of mine has not earned even 1 PRV in more than a month… (Node 2438-903017). My old one was earning quite well… and they are sitting right next to each other. :frowning:
Anyone? @Peter, @ning, @Ducky

Thank you!!

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Not cool at all.
Maybe consider some changes at the algorithm?! :thinking:

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Hi @bullio67, I see that you have some PRV in the Node: it is around 7.65 PRV. If that isn’t the reward you just earned, all we can do now is waiting for some more days. Your Node is also visible here:

@flurgx If changing the algorithm just helps to avoid this waiting time, I guess the team will decline :slightly_smiling_face:

hi @Peter… that is weird because here’s the screenshot of my phone this morning of my two Nodes:


In case you cannot see the pic, it shows 0 PRV for both Nodes.


I see, my mistake: Didn’t know that you are using your own 1750 PRV to stake with the pNode.
I check again and see that it is showing as 0 like you app does.
Let’s wait for some more days patiently.