Node monitor not calculating pending epochs correctly

Hey @Support,

I have noticed that since the committee size change, the pending epoch numbers on the node monitor are not correct. I frequently have nodes that are listed as 2+ epochs pending and then all of a sudden go into committee.

Is this something you are aware of and are planning to fix?

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Can’t this also occur when pending ones in front of your nodes aren’t ready for the committee or some nodes in the committee are slashed?

In fact, there is a similar bug that causes # of the committee epochs to be calculated incorrectly. In fact, one extra. For example, once my node enters the committee, the monitor shows it will be in the committee for 7 epochs but it remains in the committee for 6 epochs. However, after 1-2 epochs pass, it starts to show the correct number :slight_smile:

I thought block reward was split between the remaining unslashed parties since slashing occurs after the epoch has ended. As far as I know you don’t get into committee mid-epoch.

Not sure about dynamic committee size tho, how it is switched and when.

I’ve also noticed that exact same number, says 7 epochs in committee at the start, then it later changes its mind to 6.

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I have also noticed epoch remaining numbers changing/jumping. Just showed 4 epochs left for example, new epoch started, now it says 2 epochs left to earn on the node monitor.

@Jared is development aware of this?

@fredlee @brico84 I have notified the devs.

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