Node Lottery


How does this work?
Step #1 - Join the Discord group below
Step #2 - State how many entries you would like
Step #3 - Wait for confirmation
Step #4 - After all 32 entries are confirmed, send a screenshot of your transaction showing that you have sent your funds for your entries.
Step #5 - Wait for confirmation that your funds were received.

If you want to join the discord group now, here is the link.


Your friendly neighborhood @Thriftinkid


Q #1 - Are entries still available?
A #1 - The discord group is always up to date. Even if the current Node lottery is full and awaiting funds from users, you can still post there. You will either be put on stand by to fill the slots of any user who doesn’t send funds, or you will be automatically placed into the next node lottery.

Q #2 - When does the next lottery start?
A #2 - The next node lottery opens up immediately after the previous one concludes.

Q #3 - How many entries can I buy?
A #3 - Currently the limit is 6 entries per lottery

Q #4 - How much does it cost?
A #4 - The buy in price per entry is based on the real-time cost of PRV once we received 32 entries. As the price of PRV increases, the buy-in cost per entry will decrease. And, vice versa.

Q #5 - Where do I send my funds?
A #5 - Once we have 32 entries, each user will be individually messaged with a final buy-in cost, and an address to send their funds to.

Q #6 - I won! What now?
A #6 - Immediately following the lottery, you will be messaged to find out where you want your funds sent to. All winnings are sent in the form of USDC. You will have to reach out to the Incognito team directly to purchase your node through them. That way, your personal info stays private.

Q #7 - I won! Can I still participate?
A #7 - Of course! There is no limit on the number of times you can win.

I noticed some of the users in the community have been asking incognito how they can buy their own node at a discount. I thought it might be fun to try to help grow the network by having a node lottery for those who want to try and win one. Playing off the way the node selections operate, I’m going to start the following way:

Each “Epoch” will be 1 week.

During that time, you can submit to be included in the drawing by joining the discord group, and posting how many entries you want. Once you post, you will be considered “Waiting to be Selected” until you receive confirmation that you have been officially marked down.

Since each shard contains 32 validators, that’s how the lottery will work.

1 person will be selected at random between the 32 entries and will “Earn” the $399 USD funds to purchase their new node! Funds will be sent to you directly, and you can work out the actual purchase through incognito to maintain the privacy of your personal info.

For every additional 32 entries received, an additional “shard” will open up that week. So, 64 entries are received, there will be 2 drawings and 2 winners.

If you have multiple entries, they will be split up between the drawings. So, if you purchased 3 entries, and there are 3 drawings, you will have one placed into each one. If there is only one drawing, all 3 entries will be included.

If there an odd number, like 70, the last 6 entries received will be considered “pending”, and moved to the drawing the following week.


Based on me currently holding the longest non earning streak… I might should sit out from anything that uses the same mechanisms for selections as Nodes :wink:


Longest was 40days, but I have another one sitting at 30 right now too.

Looks like a new record has been set…


This is a neat idea, I wont be entering at this time, but do let us know how it pans out.

Looks like a fun event. Giving it a shot and see how it goes. :grin::+1::tada::tada:

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So close, come on let’s do this.

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Aww, I’m in, what the hell.


Super maybe 2 or 3 folks taking multiple slots!! Woohoo. :tada::tada::game_die::game_die:

Getting excited.

How to gives you entry fee?

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@Rajkumar85 The buy-in fee is determined when we have enough people to fill the 32 entries needed. For instance, the buy in for the 1st lottery was 11 PRV. If the price of PRV goes up, they buy in will be less than that for the 2nd lottery. You have to join the discord group, and let me know how many entries you want. When we get 32, I will give everyone the final buy in price, and an address to send your funds to.

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Thanks for your information :+1:


Wow 3rd lottery start who is win 2nd lottery Sir @Thriftinkid

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This is the result of 2nd Lottery: 2nd Node Lottery - We Have A Winner!

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Wow…so there is a lottery now… :sunglasses:

Hi Thriftinkid…I have been offline for a few weeks…just got back online and saw that the lottery is up and running…ummm…how do I participate, how much is cost, and how do I pay for it…info would be appreciated… :sunglasses:

Hey @Tempestblack. Welcome back. All you have to do is join the discord group above and tell me how many enteries you would like. I mark everyone down until we have a total of 32 entries. Then I’ll set the buy in price per entry based on the price of PRV at the time, and send everyone the address to send funds to. As the price of PRV goes up, the buy in price goes down. Lottery one was 11 PRV per entry. The second lottery was 10.5. Im hoping to bring it down to 10 for the third one. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the discord group

Hey Thriftinkid…thanks for the welcome back and I did get signed up and installed the discord app…wow…it is alot to take in…as for the lottery…sign me up for one entry in the current active lottery…I need to get myself I guess orientated and all with the changes…and pick up more entries in future lotteries…once again thank you for welcome back…and hope all of you have been well… :sunglasses:

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When will you publish the lottery result ?

Once the lottery is complete, I post the results in the discord group and on this feed.