Node in UK

I am in the UK and would like to purchase a Node. Is the simplest way thru the App or is there a UK site I can buy one from ?

Thanks for your advice.


Easier way to run a vnode and earn 100% of rewards

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Welcome to the community Rosegarden… :sunglasses:

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I’m from the UK as well and i bought it through the app, however you will also be charged an additional import tax from the courier which was around £28 when i bought mine about 3 months ago

That’s interesting - and how are you getting on with your Node?

Thanks for the info Jan. That’s an interesting option but my days of coding are long past

I have so far earn’t around 90 PRV and as mentioned in other posts they tend to come in batches, nothing for a week or so and then 2/3 rewards within a day. I move them straight across into staking via the app which is very easy to do with a couple of clicks, so i very happy with the Node it just sits next to my router not making a noise earning me crypto :grinning: Also have some very small amounts of privacy tokens including BTC, ETH, DAI, XMR


Thanks for the reply - that sounds ideal!
I like the whole concept of this Incognito operation actually.

I may well get a Node, in the meantime I’m staking PRV via the App

Bitcoineruk that is truly awesome to hear and I hope your story and post are distributed throughout the community for indeed it is a very cool story so far… :grinning: :100: :sunglasses:…I purchased my first node last month and have had one distribution so far and have earned some other prv thru participation in the community and I have staked all of it back into the community. This community is going to flourish and grow and will be in the long run a wise and profitable investment for any individual. Once again welcome to the community rosegarden… :sunglasses: