Node Earnings Statistics - Updated 1/8/22

This is the next update in earnings statistics across 13 Virtual Nodes and 1 Physical Node

Recent averages per vNode:
Weekly Earnings = 16 PRV (~$15)
APY = 47% (based on 1750 PRV staking fee)

Please note that the most recent graph is calculated bi-weekly. Average price and PRV per node on the bottom column is divided by two to reflect the earnings for a single week. Physical Node earnings are not included in the averages.
Please ask any questions you may have, and check back for the next update.

Note 1: Physical Nodes (pNodes) will earn the same as Virtual Nodes, but if Incognito has provided you with the Stake for your pNode, you will be splitting the earnings with them by 35/65. You can always choose to Stake it yourself, and then receive your full earnings every week.
Note 2: The most recent graphs are bi-weekly totals per node, however, the average earning per node on the bottom of each column is still just the weekly amount received (total divided by two.) I did this because I now wait 2 weeks to withdraw earnings from the nodes. Physical Node earnings are not included in the averages.
Note 3: USDT amount is calculated each week using:
Note 4: Current known longest record for a vNode not earning is ~95 days. You can earn badges for this by beating it or being in the running. See: Longest Non-Earning Streak. [Reigning champion: JG20 at 95 days]
Note 5: I do not work for or represent Incognito. These are my personal statistics and they do not guarantee similar earnings on your own Nodes. Although, comparing stats among other members, we have found most or all of our average earnings to be similar over a matter of weeks or months.


this is amazing @Mike_Despo! thank you for taking the time to do this weekly. i think it’s really helpful for new validators to understand the actual economics of running one. cc @annie


@Mike_Despo this is very clear and helpful. thanks for doing this. you should earn “Good Neighbor” for this weekly dedicated work. :wink:


Hi, what is your setup, are you running one big server or many servers also see some going 0 for a week or two I guess this is common? My thoughts are like Is it better to stake for the 57% through the app or run a vnode? Currently I’m running two vnodes.


These are all run through Jservers. Yes it’s possible for one single node to earn 0 multiple weeks in a row. It’s the larger overall picture that is important, like say 6 months to a year. It may not earn for 3 weeks, and then you’ll have one REALLY good week. It currently balances out to:

Based on those stats, it’s financially much more lucrative to have a vNode at 123% than to be in the staking pool for 57%. But the benefit of the staking pool is that you can pull out your money much faster.


@Mike_Despo Great JOB :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


To me, comparing 123% and 57% is a little bit unfair :slight_smile: Afaik, you pay 6 PRV for each week at Jservers. Then, your weekly earnings become 35 PRV. In this case, your APR becomes 105%.


Oh yes that’s true about the Jserver fee.
Regardless, the conclusion is the same which answers the question asked: Based on the stats, it’s financially much more lucrative to have a vNode than to be in the staking pool.

If you got a vNode with DigitalOcean or GoogleCloud, your fees will be much higher than Jservers and then I’d recommend taking a good look at what your net APY becomes.


Just an amazing job, @Mike_Despo!

I totally agree with you.


Hey, @Mike_Despo, awesome stats! Is that spreadsheet template something you could share with the community? It looks like a useful tool for tracking vNode earnings.


Hey, I’m using Numbers on my Macbook. Not sure how to post an editable Numbers template on here without it just being a screenshot. Any ideas?


Google sheets


I guess I’m not the only one who received no payment this week


I can export my Numbers Template into Google Sheets?


Last week’s earning was pretty low for me too


I would create them in google sheets then you can export it to anything or make it editable instead of an image


I believe we are starting to see too many nodes and not enough market usage to continue getting the returns that were previously reported.

The only thing I see being a fix for this is faster network adoption and/or the decrease in “fixed” core dev nodes.


I think also a lot of problems with the network this week halted a lot of transactions


Agreed that there are more nodes now, but only 100 node increase over the past month which isnt enough to create this big of a difference in earnings averages . If it was an increase of 1000 nodes, then yes definitely.


Is there a minimum amount required to use the staking pool?