Node Data Transparency Report

This idea was actually @InvestForFamily so I want to give him credit. I will quote is post below.

"Can we please get a weekly or monthly report that will show detailed node data regarding number of nodes (both p and v), their uptime for the month, the number of times they have been selected, and their prv collected during that time period.

No personal data, ip info or anything like that needs shared.

This will make the node network transparent to show node selection truly is random and that the algorithm used for random selections does not favor any nodes.

Right now, we have average data information and info showing the list of nodes in the community. We also have INDIVIDUALS reporting their particular situations and averages. These are also great but don’t tell the NETWORK specific data.

I am interested in this, obviously, but was wanting it because of marketing purposes. Its hard to sell people on a system and nodes when you say they use a form of “russian roulette” to decide who gets rewards in a POS crypto project.

Transparency is the key. In the last weekly meeting, adding more nodes was a desire for the month of May. We need to make node rewards transparent rather than tell them its random, not rigged and just take our word for it.

PS - This data should already exist in the network databases and just needs extracted and posted.

PPS - This should help new AND old SEE clear data regarding not only trusted random algorithm but also consistency in node payouts month to month as well as increase and decrease in rewards on a network wide view, rather than just carls or mike or todd’s report about their current setup. My care is for the ENTIRE projects backbone, not just one or two individual setups that have been here since the project started.


What does more information and transparency bring that is bad to not only current investors but also MARKETING in the future with data driven information?"

Is there someone in the community that would be able to take on this task and build something like this out?
@inccry @raz @mesquka


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