No Trade Route Found

The newest issue when swapping/trading
is error

“no trade route found”

and I am unable to swap any minted tokens.
Anyone else seeing this?

Two days now and I still cannot swap
Please advise

Hello @Intelespion,

Sorry about that. This is a known issue that we are looking into and fixing.

What pairs were you trying to trade?

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All of them.
Most commonly
Dronealgo,parsec,BRA - PRV/BTC/eth/XMR/

I can’t trade anything on BSC chain at all
Nor anything on BNB’s chain

The incognito tokens too

Basically all I can do it BTC&ETH/PRV

Please advise

Also - I keep getting a WEB_JS error when minting tickets

I believe you should be able to trade to/for BNB (BSC) and BUSD (BSC) now (as of a couple hours ago).

Still cannot. I was able to trade BNB to PRV as of your suggestion
Everything else is non-tradable
Even PRV to BTC or anything else for that matter ceased working

I cannot trade DRONEALGO - BRA - PARSEC
with any other token or among themselves

Please Advise!

Also - here’s the error I get each time I attempt to mint a ticket

Hi Jared

I’m still unable to trade PSRC - BRA - DRONEALGO , with any other token nor among themselves.

Please advise

I have reached out to the devs regarding this.

Have you created liquidity pools for PSRC or BRA?

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Yes I have pools for all of them

Any update Jared ?

Hello @Intelespion,

I have sent you a PM. Please reply to me there.