“No trade route found” error

Having issues trading DRONEALGO for any coin. Please advise if this is a bug or something I am doing wrong?

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This is most likely due to the pool having too small amount of liquidity.

I see, how is this resolved? How is liquidity added?


DRONEALGO is a custom created coin by a community member here on Incognito. Therefore, it is up to the owner to supply enough liquidity.

Thanks for the additnl info. The creator assured me there is enough liquidity. Anything you can do to verify? Or any steps I can take?

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I will relay this to the devs and ask them to take a look.

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Thank you, I look forward to an update.

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Jared the liquidity pool is massive.
Last you told me this was a known issue and the Dev team was working on it.
Please refrain from blaming liquidity
People are getting upset


This makes me sad. Drone Algo has lost half its value since you gifted to me earlier today.

New error being received. Maybe we’re getting closer?!

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was receiving this earlier today as well

I can’t seem to trade my coin. definitely not a scam coin (SCAM). I added liquidity 130 prv to the pool it says no trades. What’s going on. it also says my coin is worth a few billion, lol I set liquidity to something like 1 prv= 250,000,000 scam. What’s going on?

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Henry - can you tell me what your APR percentage rate in your liquidity pool reads?

For scam to prv it’s 1%. For scam to doge it about 9,223,000,000,000,000,000%

According to this https://explorer.incognito.org/liquidity

there is no liquidity for DRONEALGO

You minted FALACIAS which has a huge amt, but none of your other coins are listed as having any liquidity

I provided the liquidity for half of the coins on the 1st page including the dronealgo which I don’t see listed anywhere.
Why isn’t it listed?

No idea. I’m not sure why the Incognito team doesn’t give a straight answer on this… you have certainly asked enough times on several threads and they seem to just say “checking with the devs” or “sent you a private message”.

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@sixtyfourpink, To answer your query,
I did NOT create the falacias coin.
I’m just an early adopter

Oh, my misunderstanding. It’s the only coin in your wallet (from the screenshots on twitter) with any liquidity.

Yes i provided the liquidity but still “no trade path” is the constant error message.
I provided liquidity for DRONE ALGO RED 41 as well. I know for a fact 3 others have also provided
Yet the DRONE ALGO RED 41 is not listed anywhere,
PARSEC and BRA = same issue

Why @support @Jared are the FALACIAS trade routes blocked too when it contains the highest liquidity of all coins here?