No trade route - BNB?

I am getting “No trade route” for BNB trades today. I had added BNB/PRV & BNB-BSC/PRV pools and trades were working.

I thought maybe I messed things up by adding BNB/XMR pool - so I removed that pool. I was trying to add more BNB liquidity after running out of available PRV and thought adding any pair with BNB would help. Though thinking about it now, the BNB/XMR pool had rewards, so I assume that it was “OK” - can anyone confirm I can add other BNB liquidity pools like BNB/XMR to increase BNB liquidity (I’m new to this)?

BNB trades still didn’t work (No Trade Route). So I removed my BNB/PRV and BNB-BSC/PRV pools and re-added those. Still getting “No Trade Route” for any trades (swaps) I try for BNB. Is something wrong server-side or did I somehow mess something up?

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Which token are you attempting to swap BNB to? Is it BNB-BSC?

I thought maybe I messed things up by adding BNB/XMR pool

It’s never hurt to add other pairs. It can’t make your trade worse or ruin an existed route.

I tried DAI to BNB as well as BNB-BSC. Also tried trading PRV & XMR to BNB. Neither worked - getting “No trade route” for all.

OK, good to know - I will re-add it.

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We have identified an issue from the backend side. I will let you know when it is resolved!

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Great - thanks!

Also - if I do remove my liquidity, do I have to withdraw rewards first, or will they automatically be withdrawn when removing liquidity? (I withdrew rewards first, just to be safe, but wondering if that was unnecessary). Thanks again!

At the moment, you have to perform these two actions separately and manually. It’s fine to remove liquidity first or reward first. So if you withdrew your liquidity, you still can withdraw your pool reward in the Reward tab later.

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Perfect, that’s how I would expect/hope it would work. Thanks again!

I assume it’s all related and you know already, but just in case: I’m getting the same error with the other coins I provided liquidity for as well.

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Hello @yoo,

The problem is the pools you created, aren’t verified yet. We will be working with you to verify these pools then you and other users can see them on the app and people can start trading too.
The rule helps us mitigate fragmented liquidity on the same pair of coins.