No more dust?

I haven’t gotten any dust in a while, is that intentional?

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pToken dust has been missing since the Privacy v2 upgrade. No prior notification that I can recall. Seems like all the accumulated dust is forfeit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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We do not get the dust anymore since all network fees are in PRV after Privacy v2. No non-PRV fee, no dust :slight_smile:

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I understand that. But for pNode operators there was a relatively high withdrawal threshold for the dust to be withdrawn. pNode operators with accumulated dust below that threshold have seen that accumulated value be forfeit without any notice.

This was never an issue for vNode operators because dust was always withdrawn with each withdrawal request. Thus most vNode operators would have only lost the dust accumulated since their withdrawal. pNode operators will have lost all their accumulated dust because the withdrawal threshold prevented most dust balances from being withdrawn.



My dust got dusted too.
I will miss my 2.3 satoshi but will take the hit for a better tomorrow

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LOL – you’re the real MVP!

I think the new dev faucet provides more PRV than if I could have converted my dust to PRV.

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Thanks for the information!

I have a Pnode what is dust?

tiny amounts of crypto

So you talkin about the transaction fees that we’re getting okay.