Nito FAQ (Telegram Bot)

Thank you father Nito!

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Have a good weekend!

Issue discovered and resolved for users with only one node /status should now work

See post for full details

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Nito is currently reporting all nodes that aren’t pending or earning as broken. The beacon is suddenly reporting out differently, I’m not sure why.

I’ve reach out for help here.


Hi @Josh_Hamon, thanks again for producing Nito.

I have been having some conflicting messages about my vNode.

Nito’s “ping” returns a code “200, all appears normal”, yet when I’m in the Incognito app I have a "!” and a “Fix” button. There is clearly an issue with my virtual node.

I have troubleshooted the problem. I have run the “” site to check port 9334 and I get “Success”.

I have checked my Linux box by running the "Sudo docker ps " command and the incognito miner is running.

My question is this… why would Nito be saying “200, all appears normal” when there is something wrong as highlighted in the Incognito App?

Where is Nito fetching it’s data to return the “200” code? Is the ping in real time?
Which is my source of truth, Nito or the Incognito App?

Thanks for your help.

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/ping is for checking the fullnode that the incognito app uses, not individual nodes.

Once your node is added to Nito, /status will check it on the chain.

Josh just wanted to tell compliment you on how well the lil nito bot has been evolving and growing…it’s been to see it’s growth since when I first used it so many months ago…big kudos to you on its progression…:slight_smile:


Hey @Josh_Hamon. Just an FYI. It looks like you got some looping going on somewhere. I just added a node, and it added it 7 times before I got it to stop.


Yep, this on and off again looping problem has been flared up again. I have gone through and manually cleaned up all of the ‘extra’ nodes. I am deploying (what I hope will be) a fix later this week.

Sorry to everyone this annoys!

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Lol no prob. Just wanted to make sure it was on your radar. I cleaned it up on my end.

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Looping fix is deployed

/network command is live

Tells the user the total number of nodes Nito is watching and how many nodes are on the network.

Happy Friday!


Awesome stuff @Josh_Hamon !
I just checked out NITO /network command - very nice indeed.
Nito just keeps on getting better.


:sunglasses: :100:

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Just tested it, very useful bro

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Can Nito apply for both vnode and pnode?

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Yes it can.

Note: With pNodes it doesn’t see PRV just status.


Great work on the bot! I’ve been using it for a few months but I’ve noticed the push updates no longer work for me.

I’ve tried turning /notify off and back on a few times. The last attempt resulted in /notify hanging (no response) for about a minute. I had to send /notify again to get a response that they were turned back on.

I have X nodes and I noticed the push stopped working when I added the last X. Might be related?


I’ll DM you, I need additional information to track down the problem.


What’s the secret menu?

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