Nexo Withdrawal?

Anyone here have any issues withdrawing to Nexo platform? Saw someone had issues withdrawing to BlockFi because it was deemed to come from a money laundering service or something like that. Just wondering if anyone has successfully withdrawn to Nexo.

In the past maybe I might have, not anytime recently though. So I wouldn’t be able to help you.

Nexo is so busy that they are ban-happy. They ban first and ask questions later. If you want to be safe you should send to a wallet you control first. Even that is no guarantee as chain analysis software I think goes back 4 hops on the blockchain.

Well it is all about the damn KYC policies these lending houses…aka: Blockfi and Nexo…and more to come most likely that are creating these difficulties in moving assets around the crypto-verse…face it guys the shit is getting hairy…grrrr…lol… :slightly_frowning_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :imp: :sunglasses:

Not sure how to send USDC to a private wallet first and then to Nexo.

I’m managing my mother’s crypto for her. She’s wanting her profits.

I know USDC has high fees on withdraw she’s aware and doesn’t mind.

You need an Ethereum wallet. You can use a hardware device like a Ledger or Trezor. You can use a web-based wallet like MyEtherWallet or broswer-based like MetaMask. Or you can use a software wallet like Coinomi.

Any wallet that can generate an Ethereum address and provide you the mnemonic phrase or private key for that address will work.

Any wallet listed here should be safe:

Send from Incognito to the ETH address generated by whichever wallet you choose. Then send from that wallet address to Nexo.


I should say I don’t know that NEXO is doing strict KYC or not. I’m sure every exchange is using analytics and each transaction gets a risk score (it could be on multiple factors or possibly just one score). Then each exchange/custodial provider needs to decide what risks they want to take on. It’s likely that Blockfi set their risk tolerance very low. Nexo is not in the USA I don’t think so maybe their risk tolerance is on the same level as Blockfi. However, with large number of users coming into crypto it’s just not worth high risk users to them. And good luck getting through to support ANYWHERE that is custodial. It’s just better to avoid having problems the best way you can.

You can send USDC to any hundred of Ethereum wallets including Trust wallet for mobile or Metamask extension. You’ll need about $4-8 worth of ETH to send it on from there. might be a good place to get a small amount of eth as I think they allow for just $15-20 worth depending on gas fees. Last time I withdrew a tiny amount of LTC because unsheilding that doesn’t cost a lot to buy eth. I sent that LTC to and had them send me a bit of eth. Someone else here inspired the idea.