New v5 app much slower

Am I the only one to notice? It is significantly less responsive both on older Androids as well as relatively new iOS devices. I hope it can still be improved with time.


@Rantan I found it especially less responsive (slower) when generating some new keys. The create new keys area has become slower. I am sure developers are aware and working on it.

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Yes, we also realize it and are investigating the reason causing the app’s slowness and unresponsiveness.


Yeah , it takes almost 25seconds to update info when I switch wallet views. Very frustrating.

Today was my first time using the updated application and I’m relieved to know it’s not just me.

I’ve experienced it as well. It is extremely frustrating to use like this. It’s slow to perform any action like even simply calculating the swap amount

Speed when switching keychains is unbearable on the new app

Yes, even us who use the app very often also feel frustrating, this is the highest priority after a release for the feedback here.

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