New tag for virtual node operators

Hi everyone,

As a part of today’s scheduled maintenance (September 10, 2020), we also deployed a new tag for the Node: 20200910_1. Your Node should get new tags automatically whenever there is a new version available.

However, it never hurts to be doubly sure! Let’s ssh to your server and enter this command to check: sudo docker ps


In the unlikely case that it has not been automatically updated, simply restart the script using this command: sudo bash


That’s it!

What if I operate a physical Node?

Nothing is required on your end. It’s plug and play!

What if I am not using Docker?

You can get the new tag here:

Let me know if you have any questions or encounter any issues. Thanks!


I think I see a commit tag under the image with value c0e797c6128b. Is this the right one?

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How does it look like @taruneldho?

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I ran once again and now the image looks like in the above screenshots. But it looked like

Hi @taruneldho are you running more than 1 Node under the same IP?

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Yes @Peter , I’m running 2 vNodes.

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@Roman yes, that is the latest version.