New PRV/XMR and PRV/BTC pools severely off-peg?!

Afaik these new pools are 50/50 pools, but while I can trade 1 XMR for 240 PRV under swap, when I try to supply liquidity to that pool, it asks me to match 1 XMR with 298 PRV. How can this be?

Also, is there any description on how liquidity providing is supposed to work? It’s not clear in the app how and in which coin rewards are paid out for example.

What is going to happen with the old provide feature?

Thank you for your interest in contributing liquidity to pools. In the new version of pDEX, the pool liquidity is amplifying, resulting in less slippage and greater capital efficiency. As a result, the rate for trade (after amplifying) differs from the rate for contribution (before amplifying).

Hope this clarifies your question and Happy new year!


I have never heard of amplifying pools. Is there a whitepaper on it somewhere, in general and/or the way Incognito have implemented the concept?

My question about payouts in which coin also remains.


If you mean decentralized liquidity providing, you may receive “both coins of the pair” + PRV (not in all cases).

For example, you provide USDT-USDC pairs with some liquidity. In this case, the traders can pay the trading fee as USDT, USDC and PRV (since USDT has another pair with PRV). So, when you remove the liquidity, you will receive a payout with a combination of these three coins depending on your shares in that pair.

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I had seen this introductory post but I didn’t see a discussion of amplifying pools in it.

It talks about the pDEX token which I cannot find anywhere in the new app.

before and after the part above. a is amplification factor or multiplication param etc.

Thanks for your help with the question @cuong, @abduraman. I just wanted to reconfirm that we won’t introduce a new token (a.k.a PDEX token), liquidity mining rewards will be paid in PRV from DAO (this means PRV cap remains 100M and no extra PRV is minted). This won’t hurt PRV holders (and won’t make them upset I believe)


Uh … what?

So is this:

now fiction?

Was this even floated to the community? And shouldn’t this post (and others from the team) be amended/updated to reflect that the PDEX token is no longer part of pDEX v3?

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I’m pretty sure no one mentioned it.

Hello @Mike_Wagner and @SPAddict25,
The original pDEX v3 topic introduced liquidity mining rewards paid in PDEX token (a brand new token) but it’s controversial as somebody might think of it as a change to the original tokenomics. We will be changing the topic.
Any thoughts if liquidity mining rewards are paid in PRV from DAO?

I’m happy with the course of action, especially since introducing another token just makes things more complicated and it was going to be subsidised anyway by the team. This is just a more direct way to do it.

I’m more annoyed that there’s been a change without communicating it clearly…again. It’s getting tiresome to be frank. I’ll keep being a validator for this project but I’m inclined to stay off this forum because honestly it’s just frustrating and I’ll end up rage quitting. See y’all in six months.

In fact, he stated this 5 days ago :slight_smile: @Mike_Wagner @SPAddict25

When I saw this, I thought that the earnings of the LPs would have three sources: trading fees, PDEX and PRVs mined to DAO fund. Now, I understand that I was wrong :joy: DAO PRVs replace PDEX rewards.

Before you go on the long journey, I suggest that you should buy a lot of very cheap $1 PRV. If a really strong bear doesn’t come in, you cannot find any PRV under $5 six months later :joy: NFA

DW already topped up in the mid 80s to 90s range. I’ll either go down with the ship or be laughing if it gets traction again.

And who am I kidding I’ll totally come back to the forum in a week :joy::joy::joy:


Any input on this one?

In the past, we used to state that Provide would be phased out but didn’t have a specific timeline for it since as you might see, most liquidity in Incognito exchange is from Provide, not much from direct liquidity providers.

We believe Provide and Incognito exchange’s adding liquidity are different features and for different user types. While Provide is pretty simple, you don’t need to be a pro-crypto investor to understand and use it, Incognito exchange’s adding liquidity requires liquidity providers to have more knowledge and effort to manage their position (and impermanent loss risk).

For these reasons, we don’t actually have an exact timeline for phasing Provide out yet as long as it still has demand, we will still maintain it.