New ERC20 token OXT - Orchid

Hi incognito community! I just heard about Orchid and decided to try to add it to the pDEX myself (I’m not affiliated with the project).

After poking around and accidentally making an incognito chain token first, I successfully made an ERC20 token for OXT.

After a quick search, I turned up this post on getting verified status saying to post screenshots of some images demonstrating deposit and withdrawal. @annie can I DM those screenshots? It looks like new users are not allowed to DM by default.

As for the Contract ID: 0x4575f41308EC1483f3d399aa9a2826d74Da13Deb

I also turned up this post from @elena saying that maybe the incognito team would provides some PRV for liquidity, which is awesome! I’ll definitely send a DM on that when allowed.

The other issue I found was that when making an ERC20 token, there isn’t a way to add an image that I could find, where there is when making an incognito token. I can upload a png logo for that if one of the admins can’t grab it from the errantly created incognito token named Orchid (is there any way to delete that or bury it or something? maybe it just doesn’t matter if there isn’t an trading pairs for it).


Hi @banananon!
That’s a great idea, sure, we can help you with PRV part of liquidity:)

We couldn’t delete your token, but we will add green-tick verification and logo to the ERC20 Orchid.

I’ll send you a DM to discuss the details.

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