New coins added to Provide, rates updated

On July 9, 2020, we introduced a way to supply liquidity to the pDEX that enables anonymous trading. It’s the well-known Provide feature, which allows PRV yield farming when you provide select coins for single-sided liquidity. Since Provide launched, it has become a high demand feature, and community members have used it to grow pDEX liquidity to a TVL of ~$29,572,028.

Today, we’re excited to broaden the scope of Provide by announcing rates for new coins. Starting from the effective dates below, you will be rewarded for providing liquidity for Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and Dogecoin, directly in the app.


New rates and effective dates:

Effective date 2021-02-02
Litecoin, LTC 11%
Dash, DASH 11%
Zcash, ZEC 13%
Effective date 2021-02-09
Dogecoin, DOGE 13%

By adding liquidity to any of the listed coins in Provide, you enable private trades on the Incognito pDEX and contribute to the growth of the privacy ecosystem. Thanks for protecting privacy :black_heart:!

Notice: To sustainably allow for a higher volume with the new coins, we’re adjusting the APY to 10% for BTC and 21% for PRV, starting Feb 9, 2021.

02/05 UPD Since the Announcement release we’ve got lots of reasonable feedback related to the negative aspects to supply liquidity for DOGE through the Provide option, so we decided to postpone launch for this particular pool.

Start earning

To use the Provide feature, open your app and tap “Provide” on the home screen (in the “Power privacy” section).

Tap the “Provide more”/“Provide now” button, then select the currency you want to add. You can find a more detailed guide in the Helpful tutorials section below.


Total Value Locked (aka TVL) is the most important indicator to evaluate the adoption of a DeFi project by calculating the total USD value of all assets locked in the corresponding smart contracts.

How to provide Liquidity

Tap on ‘Provide’ from your home screen.

Select the keychain you want to use Pool with. You can find the list of your keychains in the top right corner of the screen. This will be the keychain you contribute funds from, and withdraw funds to.

Please note: If you previously used Node Pool, your funds will be in your pStake keychain. It may be more convenient for you to withdraw those funds to a keychain you use more frequently.

Here, let’s use our keychain ‘Bob’.

Tap on ‘Provide now’, then select the currency you wish to provide. You’ll see the balance you have of each currency, associated with the keychain you previously selected. Need to top up? Just tap ‘Buy crypto’ to head on over to the pDEX.

Let’s select BTC.

Here, enter the amount you wish to provide. Make sure everything’s in order, then tap ‘Confirm’.

Hurray! You’ve successfully provided liquidity and will start earning rewards.

Keep track of your rewards and balances from the main Provide screen, where you’ll see your total interest earned across all provided currencies. You can withdraw these rewards at any time. If you wish to remove liquidity, please allow up to 3 days.

How to withdraw funds and rewards from the Provide liquidity pool

Tap on ‘Withdraw’ from the main Provide screen. You’ll have the option to select your provision (original deposit) for each currency, as well as your total PRV rewards.

Here, let’s select your BTC provision balance.

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and tap ‘Withdraw Provision’.

Rewards will be withdrawn instantly. To withdraw your original provisions, please allow up to 3 days. Please note that provision withdrawals for each currency can only be made one at a time – please wait for your withdrawal request to be processed before making another. You may make parallel requests across currencies.

We hope you enjoy the :black_circle: Provide feature!

For any queries about liquidity provision, personal feedback, or suggestions, you can tag @nickvasilich here or send an email to [email protected].


Is provide apy for prv 21 % compounded? If so, what is the rate for prv without compounding?

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hey @Matt6412, thanks for asking your question.
As stated in the app (Provide section) all rewards are compounding in the current iteration for liquidity provision. I think you’re asking about APR for PRV. If so, the answer it’s about 19.2%.

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Glad to see Zcash in da club. :sunglasses:


With the addition of new coins, the list of available coins in Provide is becoming longer and longer. It would be helpful to prioritize/sort the coins a user is providing above the coins she is not providing in this listing.

Once a user add coins in Provide, those coin(s) should automatically sort to the top of the Provide listing in the app. This will make for less scrolling up/down to review all assets with value in Provide.


Reasonable advice, thanks for giving feedback @Mike_Wagner.

Probably, @binh can have a look and find out what we can better w/ UX.

@nickvasilich I would also request, if possible, to have those coins in need of the most liquidity pop to the top of the list. So if LTC is in most need, thats at the top, unless I already have say PRV added to provide. That would sit above LTC.


@nickvasilich I would like to throw the idea into the mix that maybe the community offers ideas of coins that they would like to have added in the future and vote on them. This way there will be guaranteed interest from the community. Thoughts?

What is the rational for the % earned? e.g. why are some higher and others are lower? I am not able to see a logical pattern…


hey @Thriftinkid,
an interesting suggestion for coins in need for liquidity, will review what we can do with that and how will it work.

Let me ask on how it might force me, as a liquidity provider add to the pool coins from the top of the list instead of putting coins I owe? I mean, if I have XMR why should I pick LTC or PRV instead and swap monero to them.

My guess we’d better look for liquidity directly among a certain asset owners, then make folks to exchange one type to another.

Hey @nickvasilich. I would say my suggestion shouldn’t be viewed as a way to force anyone to do anything. If you have existing coins, odds are you want to keep them. And just make interest off them. However, if im a new user with usd to spend, it might give the coins with the most liquidity needed a slight edge to see them at the top of the list. My experience is most people tend not to want to scroll all the way down sometimes lol. Also, if you have users who actually want to help the project along, they have no way of knowing which coins actually need the most help, and might just default to coins they know. Such as btc. Another way might be to have the highest interest rate for the coins most in need of liquidity. But, that route might turn out to be counterproductive. Just food for thought.

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hey @RobynFitzooth,

I do really like you’re sharing the mission of decentrilized community governance. Probably you should check the thread we launched in fall 2020 for the anticipated bridges - [Vote] The most wanted bridges.

Per improvements for the next listing on Provide, such as rates or so, I’ll think how to make things happen for deeper involvement of the community.

just kidding: if I were someone to vote for the rates I’d give a voice for 300% APY .-.

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Very wise and reasonable, and also based on an online-user behaviour, love it. I think that makes sense. Let us a bit more time to get on it and review if we’d make those improvements.

For the idea of higher rates, I’m doubting… maybe it can work on early stages, right after a new coin added, it’s like a free trial on a soft when you buy it and company offers you best of the features available.

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So are prv provide rates being slashed today still? If so will it show in the provide page? If so let’s rip that bandaid now so I can buy the inevitable dip in prv that will result! :rofl::rofl:

@Ducky @andrey @nickvasilich

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Hey @Matt6412 changes are reflected on the app page now. And unfortunately for you, no real dip. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Matt6412, I don’t blame you for anticipating a dip, because there was a dip near the last few APY reductions. However, this APY reduction is only 7%, versus the previous 9% and 20ish% reductions. I believe there is enough momentum, expansion, and confidence in the project that a meaningful dip may be avoided.


Damn! No cheap coins