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Hey @abduraman,

Yes, it’s possible.
You would want to see exact timestamps on Market pages, like this one, correct ? (because exact time is available here

I’m thinking about a new feature for this Market page, the ability to browse all past trades for a pair, by using a paginated list.

Hmmm, what could be the behavior when you fav a pair?

Yes, yes, yes! I forgot this feature, thank you to remind me :smiley:

I don’t understand this one, sorry. You mean for example on the PRV-BTC Market page something that shows the PRV value in USD given the current BTC price in USD?



Correct :+1:

Language barrier. Sorry, I’m stuck :slight_smile: I meant the display like in the image of Binance trade floor. Currently, you show just the value in the blue rectangle. I would like to see the dollar value in the red rectangle.


@abduraman understood, thanks!

Added to my todo list:

  • Reverse a pair chart
  • Browse all trades on a market page
  • On market page, show trade timestamps, not “from now” values

Added to my brainstorming list:

  • Show notional value (in $) of last trade value for non USD based pairs. As I don’t show any orderbook, I have to think on how I could show this kind of data.
  • Fav trading pairs

(Lists available on this Trello board)

About staring pairs, please tell me how you would like to use it :slight_smile:


I will use it for effective trading :slight_smile:


This would be very useful when doing arbitrage trading between pDEX and other platforms as well. Would make it way easier to identify opportunities quickly.


:mega: 1.1.0 version released! :mega:

New features:


:mega: 1.1.1 version released! :mega:


  • All dates use your timezone, no more UTC date :wink:

:warning: 1 day interval in charts still uses “UTC day” period :warning:


:warning: Some transactions were not indexed by Incscan overnight, so you should see missing volume or trades until I reindex them :warning:

The whole incscan team is sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:




:mega: 1.2.0 version released! :mega:

New feature:

  • Total amount for shielded coins: Shielded coins overview page now shows 2 different values:
    • Total amount: the global value in $ of all coins shielded in the network (burned coins are not taken into account)
    • Current amount: the current value in $ of all the coins currently shielded in the network


  • Amounts and prices format in charts improved

it’s just amazing

  • total amount can show how attractive our privacy products are to crypto mass people
  • current amount is like the p-Coinmarketcap showing how big the privacy part of the crypto world is. I once bounced the idea about it here.

I love the meaning behind these 2 metrics and what you have been working on them. Thanks, @inccry :grinning:


I’m news to google sheets, but is there a way to pull the live prv price into there? It looks like H3 data, but I tried importXML function. No dice.

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Wanted to reiterate this comment right here for the community to show some love to @inccry for what he and his team built.


Just a note to say a big shout out THANK YOU! Keep up the great work you are doing! Now WHERE did I put that VALIDATOR? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @George_Rudenberg,

For the validator, put it here please :wink:

I’ll add validators stats only when I’ll be able to process committees historical data, and it doesn’t seem to be possible for now.


Nice job @inccry

:mega: 1.2.2 version released! :mega:

New features:


Hey @inccry, I have feedback about the trades.

Currently, page shows the trade amounts incorrectly. There are two issues.

1- The sold amount contains the network fee, which should be deducted from the amount. As an example, please see the transaction below. The sold amount is 49.999996 PRV. However, page shows 50 PRV as the sold amount.

2- The explorer shows the minimum amount for the bought amount. Please check out the transaction above. 43.011025 pUSDC is the minimum acceptable amount. Otherwise, it is refunded. The correct amount is written on the response of pDEX. Please check out the response transaction.

The correct amount is in the red rectangle. Its unit is nano. So, the user bought 43.445344 PRV.
Region capture 62


Hi @abduraman,

1 - Hmmmm, I’ll check, thanks.

2 - You’re right, I show amounts with max slippage included in the trades list. Thanks for pointing me that exact amount is available in the trade response, I didn’t see it.

Volumes shown in pairs charts or overviews are OK and use exact traded amounts by using another method to get exact amounts.


@inccry Any idea why the pDEX and now show different prices for pairs, for instance PRV:USDT shows $0.8722 and pDEX now shows $0.863492 ?

I believe before the UI update they were similar, but could be wrong on that too. pDEX seems to be consistently lower by at least $0.01 on USDT/C pairs.