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:mega: 0.3.1 version is released! :mega:

New feature:


@inccry Thank you for being there!
You are making a revolution in our project! We will change this world together!


Hey @inccry, I newly noticed that CMC uses two different terms: total supply and max supply. I thought that CMC used “total supply” for two different cases. What’s difference? Total supply is usually used for Ethereum tokens. Some tokens are not moved yet (locked or not go out of the contract address or similar cases). In this case, since those tokens are not in circulation, they are not added to the circulating supply.

Unlike total supply, max supply cannot be converted to the circulating supply easily since the remaining coins are not mined. That’s why CMC uses max supply for Bitcoin. So, we should use it accordingly.


Thanks @abduraman!

Total supply has been renamed to Max supply.

(Force refresh your page if you don’t see it)


hi @zes333, I’m not sure it’s a revolution but I’m glad it helps :wink:


:mega: :mega: :mega: version 1.0.0 released! :mega: :mega: :mega:

Changes between 0.3.1 and 1.0.0:

  • Mobile friendliness: a few lists and components have been improved to be usable on mobile.
  • A few backend improvements.
  • A few infrastructure improvements.
  • Refactorings

My initial todo list is now empty :tada:. I’m now proud to communicate about :wink:

Next features

About next features, it’s time to get feature requests from the community!

I just created a public Trello board to list the possible new features to implement and to show on what I’m working.

If you have an idea, please post it in this thread, we’ll discuss about it and if a few members (me included) think it could be a good feature, I’ll add it to the Brainstorm or Todo column of the Trello board.

Thank you for your feedbacks and support!


Looks great @inccry!

Could you add the ability to monitor nodes akin to:



I would love to see the committees page from the Incognito team’s mainnet explorer replicated and improved on Incscan.

It should feature the full waiting list. Seeing a node listed here is assurance it is online and working properly, even if it has yet to earn.

It should feature both shard number & position in the shard, just like the mainnet committee page. This is very useful information for tracking a node through the committee process.

Moving the full waiting list to page separate from the Pending/Prepartion list and Committee lists would help immensely. As it is, the mainnet committee page takes quite a while to load. I imagine this is because it is displaying info on every node in the Incognito Chain on one single page.

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Hi @ojb34240,

Why do you want to monitor your nodes on Incscan when your can do it on @mesquka tool?

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to put too much “not related to the global network” features, but as I said, i’m open :wink:


Hi @Mike_Wagner,

Thanks for the proposal!

This feature is already in my “Brainstorming” list. I checked few days ago if I can extract this kind of data from the beginning and it seems it’s not possible, fullnodes give you only the current state of committees.

I’ll need to dig deeper and if it’s not possible, make a feature request on


I would like all features on one site - a one stop shop as much as possible. I’ve already got way too many tabs open in Brave :wink:

I would consider it is related to the Incognito network as it forms part of it?

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: :grin:


@inccry your site is awesome!

One tweak that I would like to see, is getting the time zone of the dates/times in the app. At this point I am not sure what time it correlates too when looking at trades or the market tabs… It would be even cooler if we could set our local time and have everything adjust to that timezone.


Hi @doc,

You’re right, for now everything uses UTC date & time.

Task added to my todo list, thanks!


Hey @inccry, here is the list of my feature requests :slight_smile:

1- Is it possible to show exact timestamps of pdex trades instead of rounding them to hours?

2- Is it possible to add “favorites/star” feature for pdex pairs? No need to registration. Just some client-side stuff would be enough.

3- Reverse pair charts would be awesome. For example, charting BTC-PRV instead of PRV-BTC.

4- Showing the value of the pairs without a stablecoin in USD, too. For example, I mean showing the USDT(or USDC or average of them) value of PRV-BTC index (currently ~0.000084).


Hey @abduraman,

Yes, it’s possible.
You would want to see exact timestamps on Market pages, like this one, correct ? (because exact time is available here

I’m thinking about a new feature for this Market page, the ability to browse all past trades for a pair, by using a paginated list.

Hmmm, what could be the behavior when you fav a pair?

Yes, yes, yes! I forgot this feature, thank you to remind me :smiley:

I don’t understand this one, sorry. You mean for example on the PRV-BTC Market page something that shows the PRV value in USD given the current BTC price in USD?



Correct :+1:

Language barrier. Sorry, I’m stuck :slight_smile: I meant the display like in the image of Binance trade floor. Currently, you show just the value in the blue rectangle. I would like to see the dollar value in the red rectangle.


@abduraman understood, thanks!

Added to my todo list:

  • Reverse a pair chart
  • Browse all trades on a market page
  • On market page, show trade timestamps, not “from now” values

Added to my brainstorming list:

  • Show notional value (in $) of last trade value for non USD based pairs. As I don’t show any orderbook, I have to think on how I could show this kind of data.
  • Fav trading pairs

(Lists available on this Trello board)

About staring pairs, please tell me how you would like to use it :slight_smile:


I will use it for effective trading :slight_smile:


This would be very useful when doing arbitrage trading between pDEX and other platforms as well. Would make it way easier to identify opportunities quickly.


:mega: 1.1.0 version released! :mega:

New features: