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A fix was deployed few days ago and it seems you didn’t get the last client side code. Could be a Cloudflare issue, will inspect that later. (the force refresh fixed that)

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:mega: 1.7.9 version released :mega:

New feature:

  • Pair of the month dashboard widget: A new widget has been added to simple and advanced dashboards, it shows key figures about a selected trading pair. The first pair is PRV-QUEST and next pairs will be chosen by the community and the incognito team.

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hey @abduraman, I’d like to confirm that the beacon committee size is currently 7 so please update your formula if needed, thanks :slight_smile:


This means that incscan shows 2 missing or is there another reason for that? @inccry

I don’t know, my calculation is : 176 (fixed nodes) + staking transactions count - unstaked transactions counts

It’s possible that I missed few transactions for some reason, but hard to debug the full blockchain history :sweat_smile:

Let’s wait for the staking detailed statistics feature on Incscan, it will be easier to try to find an explanation.

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:mega: 1.7.10 version released :mega:

New feature:

  • Coin of the month dashboard widget: A new widget has been added to simple and advanced dashboards, it shows key figures about a selected coins. The first coin is pBTC and next coins will be chosen by the community and the incognito team.

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  • Custom pairs volume: Volume on custom pairs charts is back. It wasn’t displayed since trades v2 feature was delivered.

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Hey @inccry,

I think incscan read the wrong pETH (there are two pETH) from That’s why ETH ERC-20 (un)shieldings are seen as ETH BEP2. FYI.

Region capture 95

Hi @abduraman,

Is this BEP2 ETH token new?

Ok, ETH BEP2 token created few days ago and not verified.

Thanks, I’ll try to clean this kind of tokens…


Vote for the next coin of the month on!

See the dedicated thread about that:


How to get coins to vote ? )

Read the linked post @andrey :sweat_smile:


Hi @inccry

Can you add memo column in this page or in detail page? It will help me a lot. Thanks :relaxed:

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Hi @tien,

Memo added:


@inccry Thank you for the great network explorer. I have one minor suggestion intended only as constructive feedback. On most explorers related to other blockchains that I visit, when I land on the main page, there is an input box already open for me to paste whatever tx id or address I would like to search for. On INC explorer, I have to click on the search/magnifying glass icon first to open an input box. On a laptop screen, then is plenty of room for an open input box ready for me to paste in the address or tx id I wish to find. I assume you may have done it this way so it looks better on mobile phones. Just thought one might be able to save an extra click if search input box is already opened and ready since explorer’s are meant to explore tx id’s and addresses as efficiently as possible. As I said, this is very minor point and the organization of information is very well laid out. Thanks again.


Hi @Northhill,

Thanks for your message. I didn’t add a big input on the front page because you can’t search by addresses, thanks to privacy of Incognito network.

I can try to add a search box on the simple dashboard and create a specific search results page. Will try to do that asap.

Thank you!

Hello all,

Here is my roadmap for December:

  • Coin/Pair of the month votes inside Incscan: You’ll be able to vote directly from your Incognito App or manually. This is a preview of what voting will look like from Incognito App:

Capture d’écran 2020-12-04 à 22.30.34

Capture d’écran 2020-12-04 à 22.31.25

  • Staking history pages: I index committees raw data from the beginning, I need to find a way to display meaningful data about staking.

  • Start working on a presentation site or video of what Incscan is. I want to hire a professional for this kind of work.

  • pDEX web based trading site R&D


:mega: 1.8.0 version released :mega:

New feature:

  • Votes for next coin and pair of the month: You can now vote for your favorite coin and pair directly on Incscan. The votes page displays current state of votes, and allows you to vote.

    To vote, 2 possibilities:

    • Open Network Explorer tab available inside Incognito app. If you click on any vote button, it will automatically prepare a vote transaction and ask you to validate it.

    Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.52.04

    Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.57.20

    Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.58.00

    • Follow instructions displayed in the vote popup: send INCSCAN tokens to the address shown, with a memo containing your vote value.

      Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.58.45

More info about votes here


:mega: 1.8.1 version released :mega:

New feature:

  • Custom tokens trades list: This new list shows trades that use a custom token. Cross-pool custom trades are not yet displayed, I’ll add them later.

I want to merge trading activity of custom tokens and regular tokens but it needs extra work, that’s why I added this list to start.


The link that the page shows lead to an empty graph.
This is the link:
This is the functional link it should give: