Network Explorer

:mega: 1.7.7 version released :mega:

This is a technical release.

New feature:

  • New specific endpoints for Coingecko pDEX integration

New API endpoints are:


Have these been sent to CoinGecko yet? or are they already currently using them?
I would love to see the Incognito DEX on CoinGecko listed as an exchange for PRV and many other coins.


The Incognito Team will send infos to CoinGecko, it’s not yet used.


Hey @inccry number of active validators in the network frozen on the advanced dashboard )

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Hey Andrey,

This number seems ok :thinking: If you have different numbers, please share them!

But the network validators chart was not ok, I just fixed it.

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:mega: 1.7.8 version released :mega:

This is a technical release.

New feature:

New API endpoints are:

What’s next?

The next feature will be “staking” focused.

I indexed the committee state at every block, so I should be able to allow every validator to get the full staking history of their nodes.

It’s a work in progress, stay tuned :wink:


I think we are a little bit same-minded. Probably, we are on the same or similar work :slight_smile:

Hey @inccry, I think you and the team measure #stakers differently since #stakers in the explorer is 2296 but gettotalstaker RPC returns 2305.

The required endpoint to do that has been released few weeks ago, that’s why I started this work :wink:

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I don’t count beacon stakers, that’s why you see a different number.

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Since I couldn’t find it after a long research, I modified the code of the fullnode :joy: That’s why I had asked this: BeaconBestState by beacon height.

Btw, what’s the method name? Let me check.

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Still +1 extra? 2296+8 = 2304. Anyway, I think I miss something and I should do more research :slight_smile:

8 shards, and the beacon itself, probably. That would make 9

Found the problem, I think :slight_smile: I examined the code and got the result of the getbeaconbeststate at the 2357th epoch. In that epoch, incscan shows 2307 and gettotalstaker returns 2316. Futhermore, the official explorer shows the same numbers. Here is the related part of pretty-printed json result:

Region capture 93

If we follow the code (getAllStaker() at and do math, we get 2316 (=7+1989+8*32+8*8). Surprisingly, the beacon committee has 7 validators, not 8. Why? ( To any devs from the team :slight_smile: ) If this is true, incscan should show gettotalstaker - 7. Otherwise, incscan should show gettotalstaker - 8

Currently, incscan shows gettotalstaker - 9. If this is true and not a bug, where does -1 comes from? Again, any help from the team is appreciated. @Support The calculation of the correct number is also required for IncogWhaleBot.

FWIW When I run I get 2307 validators but when I go to the website I see 2193 active validators.

@Josh_Hamon please force refresh your Incscan page.

That worked for me, do I need to be refreshing the page?

A fix was deployed few days ago and it seems you didn’t get the last client side code. Could be a Cloudflare issue, will inspect that later. (the force refresh fixed that)

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:mega: 1.7.9 version released :mega:

New feature:

  • Pair of the month dashboard widget: A new widget has been added to simple and advanced dashboards, it shows key figures about a selected trading pair. The first pair is PRV-QUEST and next pairs will be chosen by the community and the incognito team.

    Capture d’écran 2020-11-18 à 04.33.11