Network Explorer

Its already available :slight_smile:

Hi @Brakley,

Please click on the pair name at the top right of the page, you can choose the pair you want to see.

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Nice! I had no idea that was a feature! Awesome work!

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Hi @sid, I just implemented your solution:

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So it shows, given your current timezone, since when this volume is calculated.

Thank you for your proposal!


Great, thank you @inccry!

:mega: 1.7.3 version released :mega:


  • Urls changes: Some urls have been simplified, the homepage “/dashboard/simple” becomes “/”, pdex overview “/pdex/overview” becomes “/pdex”, etc…
  • pDEX overview: the 2 charts are now shown directly.

I think nobody clicked the link :slight_smile: It points to http://localhost:3000/pdex . FYI

If you provide a shortcut (e.g. /tx/{hash} for /blockchain/transactions/{hash}, it would be awesome.

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Ha! thank you, fixed!



:mega: 1.7.4 version released :mega:

This is a technical release.

New feature:

  • New specific endpoints for Nomics pDEX integration: Nomics shows bad numbers about pDEX, the idea is to crowl data from Incscan rather than Incognito analytics API.

For the curious, new endpoints are:


Hi @inccry,

Thanks you for helping with Nomics API, I’ve already submitted these new endpoints to Nomics team and waiting for the integration atm.

By the way, we also have PRV listed on Staking Rewards which sometimes goes wrong because of down APIs.

Could you please help us to build new APIs applied for Staking Reward that crowl data from Incscan as well? I can collect all API requirements from them and send it to you.

How do you think? :blush:

cc @andrey


Hi Ducky,

No problem to help the team. Please send me all you have about API requirements! (I can’t find anything on Staking Rewards site, only a contact form)


Cool! Thank you in advance!

I will collect all needed information and transfer to you ASAP.

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To the guy that uses Incscan API to get the whole price history from all pairs every hour at the same time, please contact me.

For the moment, Incscan API is open to all with no restrictions, but please, be responsible when you use it, don’t spam it. For example for price history, you don’t need to ask for the full history every hour if you already got the history from past days.

If I see this kind of behaviours again and again, I’ll have to setup API usage restrictions.

Thank you.


Version 1.7.5 released, some bugfixes spotted during the demo :sweat_smile:


One more idea for analytics. Block reduction countdown, possible to the “Privacy Coin” Section: Example:


@abduraman any idea who it might be? :thinking:

As I know, it’s not me :joy: As @inccry knows, I use (until my fullnode is fully working) for websocket subscription methods (not contains any history). Furthermore, he means that his own Incscan API which I do not use, not Incognito RPC/Websocket which I use.

In case it helps, let me write what I remember. Someone had asked how he/she could retrieve the price information and Inccry had responded with his API endpoint. That’s all I remember.

Btw, why did you tag me, @andrey? Really wonder.

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@andrey @abduraman thanks, inspectors :joy:

I tag you coz there were gossips around you and one more person) So I decided to double check with you first :grin: :joy:

As you will see also here (Rate limit for, before such things, I always ask. If I do such things unintentionally, I would write here too. I have enough experience in the field of computer engineering to be able to know that the resources are not infinite :slight_smile: That’s why I’m trying to install my fullnode.