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Hi @abduraman It may be a hiccup with the Incognito network. We are looking into it.


Yeah fullnode issue, I asked incognito devs why.

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Fullnode updated to the latest version, seems better now.


Thank you @inccry for your work!

:mega: 1.7.0 version released with full support of cross pool trades! :mega:

A quick explanation about trades v2, cross pool trades: When you try to trade a not PRV related pair, for example you buy pBTC with pUSDT, two trades are made, the first one is a sell of your pUSDT for PRV and the second one is a buy of pBTC with PRV from the first trade.
So from pDEX point of view, PRV-pUSDT and PRV-pBTC prices and liquidities have changed.

New features:

  • Cross pool trades list: Cross pool trades are now listed.

  • Cross pool trades impacts on PRV pairs: PRV pairs liquidity, volume and prices are now updated at each cross pool trade.

  • Cross pool market page: All not PRV related pairs have now a specific market page. In this page, you can find a chart that displays prices by using data from the two PRV pairs that will be used to make any trade on this pair.
    Volume displayed in this chart is a “fake” volume from pDEX point of view, it’s the volume of all trades of the current pair and it’s not taken into account for global volume calculations.

    Capture d’écran 2020-09-10 à 18.43.26


:mega: 1.7.1 version released :mega:

It’s a minor release.



Hey @inccry,

Maybe you know it but I want to notify you of a bug. incscan misses some trades. This time I could catch one example:

This trade does not exist in “Latest pDEX Trades” section and other related sections. FYI.

Hi @abduraman,

Thank you for the bug report, you found something interesting!

This trade is not processed because there is no pBTC-pBUSD (or pBUSD-pBTC) pair declared on the pDEX. I’ll need to find a way to auto create all these new cross pool pairs.



@abduraman Congrats for the first trade on pBTC-pBUSD pair!

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It’s not mine :slight_smile: @inccry I noticed the issue previously but I hadn’t recorded the tx urls. This time I caught it :slight_smile:

I reindexed all the cross pool trades, so missing past trades are now imported!


Hey, @inccry, does incscan have a public API? I’m building a bot, and I want to get the price of the PRV.

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curl | jq -r ‘.lastPRVPrice’

The gives you both PRV price, and total market cap.


Yep, the API is public. No documentation available for the moment.

Thanks @Revolve!

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Hey @inccry,

I have a question and some feature requests.

Question: In Blockchain > Beacon Chain > Epoch subsection, which RPC do you use to show “xx/350”? What is your polling time or is there any subscription method for the remaining block?

Feature Requests:
1- Could you show seconds for pDEX requests in page?
2- Could you show exact absolute time (including second, I mean like pDEX page) in instead of/in addition to the relative time?
3- Could you enable right-click for trades and transactions in and so that the user can open the related trade or tx in a new tab or window?
4- You may ask what will open when the user clicks a trade :slight_smile: If possible, when she clicks a trade, could the site open the related trade response transaction?

Thanks. Best.

Hi @abduraman,

Thanks for the feature requests!

Yep, easy.

Yep, easy.

Yeah, that’s something I wanted to do but I forgot, will add this feature quickly.

Not easily, but it’s feasible. For the moment, I don’t keep the relation between the transaction and the associated trade.


curl -s '' --data-binary '{"jsonrpc":"1.0","method":"getblockchaininfo","params":"","id":2}' | jq '.Result.BestBlocks["-1"].RemainingBlockEpoch'

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How frequently do you call it in incscan? Once in 5/10/20/? sec? Thanks again.

It’s called by the client, every 30 sec.

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@abduraman available in 1.7.2 version, just released: