Need your input: app improvement options

It would also be helpful if in the app:

  • pDEX listed my balance of coin
  • When you drill into a coin in Assets, by shield/unshield buttons there was a button to take you to the pDex. Bonus points for having that coin loaded to trade!
  • Minor but on my phone at least, the Community button is below the fold. I vote for it being first in its section.

that’s below the Preview button - is that what you mean?

this is in the coin detail screen - on the top right corner. and it takes you to the relevant pair - to buy with PRV. there isn’t one for PRV though - there probably should!

\o/ it will be different for every phone yeah, but probably should be bumped up!

Sorry, I left out a key piece of info. :laughing: I loose sight of the balance when I click into the coin to choose an amount. It would be great if I could still see the balance then.

Yes please!

I think this is an important concept as well, and maybe it might make sense to have text hints under “Send” button that says “Sending out of network will Unshield your coins and remove privacy”… Something that helps connect Sending out of network to the Unshielding process…

I could see a new user thinking that Shielding, then sending, would somehow keep their privacy, because they never “Unshielded”… so probably important to drive home that sending out of network, IS unshielding (which IS removing your privacy).


@ning Nice post.

I have one more suggestion that I forgot to mention:
The ability to see your balance when sending crypto.

So, once you click into and are in the “Send” window, it gives you the option to input the amount and the address to send to, however, it no longer shows your balance, so you have to memorize the amount from the previous screen.
So, I often find myself having to go back to the previous screen to remember the amount, and then click send again, and toggle back and forth, (which already has a laggy, long load time, sometimes.) This is particularly an issue for me because I am often doing a lot of transactions across multiple wallets. Not sure how many others would feel this is useful, though it does seem intuitive to me.

Also, just to add on, the “Top Off” option to consolidate all your PRV into one wallet would be AMAZINGLY useful!! Especially at the end each week when I withdraw all my liquidity rewards across 12 wallets and have do to a ton of transactions and toggling just to get it all into one wallet. :scream:


In case you miss it, I quote it :slight_smile: @ning

I have another feature request. I face deposit stuck cases frequently (you do not see them since I send PM. Thanks to @Ducky @phuong :slight_smile: ). For such cases (deposit/withdrawal stuck), could you put a button for reporting? So the users can report these cases for fixing the issue via one tap.


Thanks - about the search function, I’m not sure this will serve a significant number of people (even judging by this thread, many users just focus on prv or a few major coins). It may make more sense to automatically sort by amount, as @FFa said. I’ll add it to the backlog either way, we’ll see if it comes up again.

About the report button, I believe the support team is working on a better flow for that. Should have some information soon.


I would like to see all PRV interest automatically added to the staked/provided principal PRV amount.

The current display makes me wonder whether:
A. The interest earned from my staked PRV is added to the principal PRV for reinvestment/re-staking (and is actively earning interest); or
B. The PRV interest is just sitting there, not reinvested/re-staked (and is not actively earning interest).


thanks for your feedback. i largely agree, and we’re brainstorming how to best solve this, as there are now additional concerns to take into account. if you are interested, my response above to crouton might shed some light about why the display is the way it is.

for now, to be clear - all prv interest already automatically compounds/ is added to the provision of that currency. this happens per currency, so you are getting the APY advertised for PRV provision (37% APY), the APY advertised for BTC provision (9% APY), and so on.

you are right in that PRV earned on BTC for example, is not being moved to PRV provision - it remains with your BTC, and compounds there, at that rate. users have the option to move it over to the PRV provision, but it’s their choice for now.

would you be in favour of changing the mechanism, so rewards for other currencies are automatically added to PRV provision, and compound there instead? it would mean that PRV is the only compounding currency, and other currencies earn APR (not APY).

could look something like this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.15.38 PM

if so, rates might be adjusted slightly.


I agree.

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I agree for us tech, privacy minded guys it feels like the right way. The question is what do we want to achieve? Attract only more tech, privacy guys. Let’s keep it like it is.

But if we want the average user to use our wallet, we should do it like suggested. In my opinion a good privacy solution should just do his job silently in the background. So let’s keep it as simple as possible and let the magic happen in the background :wink:


Another improvement proposal: Is it possible to synch the balance updates better somehow? Right now e.g you send or trade and after a while the account which created the transaction will show the reduced value but in the counterpart wallet the new value still does not show up at all. This creates always a lot of confusion and fear in some people. I convinced now some friends to start using incognito and they always called me nervously wanting to know if everything is ok etc.


:see_no_evil: i totally get you. this is down to a few reasons.

with trade for example, it’s actually multiple transactions - all executed automatically behind the scenes to make the user experience more fluid. this might explain why funds are deducted, but the newly purchased asset takes a while to reflect. sharding also complicates things slightly - if you’re interested, here’s more information.

we are also struggling a little with notifications not lining up - and will be looking to improve these discrepancies going forward. in the meantime, we’ll try to tweak the messaging in-app and guide users better, so as not to cause unnecessary panic! :crossed_fingers:


Can we have the combined balance from all keychains on the home screen at the top. Dollar value would be icing on the cake.

The intend is to understand the total values of all my assets on incognito like my net worth here.


Only if the app can track receiving history (just like it does with sending history) of my account then it would be great. Like when and how much did I receive the token


Probably good to have some sort of status check on the Node portion.


I have worked in both ui & ux. I am currently working on an app wide redesign of Incognito.

It is in wireframe stage currently, I am sure there are many things I haven’t thought of because I not regularly talking with the team and devs but hopefully it will give some ideas.

I have downloaded dozens of wallets and financial apps. It seems so far you guys are going clean ala cash app. Cash app is good and friendly, so is Robin hood (tho less since redesign).

It’s important to keep this. The best UI I have seen from any wallet is Exodus wallet (Im on Android) they have some very clever ways of giving you lots of info cleanly. It is simply beautiful and I recommended you downloaded it and play around to see what they do. I would be overjoyed if you guys copied it. Best parts I can clearly see:

  1. portfolio progress over time, composition and individual cryptosystem performance on the day. It makes me feel I’m doing something, going somewhere. Numbers are static, a line is thrilling.
  2. With a tap on the crypto icon send receive and exchange are all overplayed on top of their performance
  3. Every crypto has a color palette derived from its icon that is system wide. Normally two core colors and a gradient between them. This creates a visual language so for example a dialog that says I exchanged dai for nio - they would have a yellow gradient and green gradient respectively on the text or amount mentioned.
  4. Branding, they have every cryptocurrency icon formed to a hexagon, it unique and that branding language ties that crypto to them more then a generic square or circle. I am recommending you do the same with a shield. I’ll put it in my mockup so you can see what I mean. :slight_smile:

Cheers for now. What the best place for me to post my ideas when they are ready?


Hey, looking forward to seeing it! Many of our members here are already in the process of building out the incognito ecosystem, including web wallets and dexes.

You can post ideas and brainstorm in the community/ideas category:

and if you have or are starting a build, post it in the core-dev/building category:


Thank you. I am very stoked for this project. I believe privacy, decentralization, and permissionlessness are the essence of crypto and without those three they are nothing. Incognito allowed me to feel more comfortable getting a coinbase account knowing I can fling it all into a black box.


Forgot to ask, could we have a night mode? Just invert the white and the black? I do a lot of tinkering in bed and my phone gets veeery bright