Need your input: app improvement options

Hi everyone, based on feedback over the past month or so, we are considering a few changes to the app that may help solve some pain points. Here are some rough mockups to help you visualize what these might look like.

1. Remove ‘Unshield’ from the main Asset screen, and combine with Send.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 3.59.22 PM

Reasons for: Users initially had trouble locating send out-network. with the text hints, these issues seem to be solved - but would it be more intuitive overall to just merge the unshield action with Send?

Another unexpected issue has also arisen - the button placements (Shield / Unshield) seem to be communicating to some first time users that they are able to hold both shielded and unshielded coins in their keychains…

Reasons against: For the sake of consistency - the deposit/withdraw logic is on the main screen of some other features, such as Provide, and soon, Add. The initial issues of users being unable to locate send out-network (possibly an expectation left over from the old app), also seems to have been solved by text hints.

Shielding is of course an essential concept, and arguably, it requires its partner ‘Unshield’ to teach users what Incognito’s value proposition is: protect your crypto.

What do you think?

  • Merge Unshield with Send
  • Keep Unshield as is

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2. Display PRV balances in keychain selection.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 4.09.27 PM

Here we have 3 options - the first (address only), is the current one in your app, and is the default screen for any time you toggle between Keychains.

The second (balance only) is a suggestion by @mike_despo, which includes your PRV balance (PRV only). I originally thought perhaps a total balance in PRV (across all currencies) would be helpful for users who own other currencies besides PRV, but loading times would be mega miserable.

The third (address + balance) combines both. Do you guys refer to the addresses here - do they need to be included?

Bearing in mind that options 2 and 3 are likely to need some extra time to load (though not as much as getting total shielded balance),

What would you like to see?

  • Address only (keep as is)
  • PRV balance only
  • Address + PRV Balance

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3. Add option to top up PRV from other keychains to chosen Provide keychain.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 4.50.03 PM

This might be useful for users who have multiple keychains with multiple balances. Essentially, it will allow you to top up PRV, BTC, USDT, etc. to the keychain you are using in Provide, and will allow you to see currency-specific balances across keychains.

Example: let’s say you are currently using your keychain ‘Bob’ for Provide. You can top up ‘Bob’ with PRV from ‘Anon’. Once your new ‘Bob’ balance has updated, you can provide from there. Note that this top up feature will not automatically send funds to the Pool - it simply helps you consolidate your funds. You will still need to tap Provide.

Is this useful to you?

  • I would like a top up option
  • I would not use it

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As always, you have any other comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.


I am quite supportive of these improvements and the mockups are super helpful! One thing I’d like to add is maybe for the “Provide” section, I think the “Compounding Rewards” can still confuse new users. Would it be better to just show the total value (original amount + interest) and then maybe in brackets show the interest that was earned in the last period (e.g. either the last 24 hours or since the last top up)?


thanks! the thing with Provide, is that now users are earning PRV rewards on other currencies, say BTC, so we have a few more things to consider regarding both the big number and the currency specific balances:

  1. for currency specific balances - to show a total amount in BTC for example, would give users the wrong impression that they are earning interest in BTC, not PRV.

  2. for the big balance - to have original amount + interest display in PRV, made sense when PRV was the only currency option. Now that there are multiple, it could potentially be quite alarming if price changes of other coins meant that your total balance could sometimes decrease!

  3. although it may take some time to withdraw provisions, we wanted users to be able to withdraw rewards instantly. we channel the main provisions to pDEX liquidity and keep a PRV reserve to process reward withdrawals.

these were the 3 main reasons why we separated prv rewards + principal amounts. it’s a bit of a tricky one…

we were considering just removing the big compounding rewards display entirely, but that’s not very satisfying and may also not solve the problem… would be keen to hear your thoughts!


Voted (y) looking forward to the update soon.

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My first thought, keep things as they are for a while. So much has changed already in the last few weeks, people are getting dizzy.

On second thought, Mike’s suggestion makes sense.
Where it concerns the shielding unshielding, I would keep things as they are but maybe rephrase it on those buttons.


Can I suggest auto sort coins by PRV value?


Ah I understand the issues now, then maybe it is best to keep what we have currently but I think it would be useful to have the following additions:

  1. Would it be possible to add back the “live” counter to the “Compounding Rewards”, as that does help with the satisfaction element
  2. Make it clear what conditions would reset the “Compounding Rewards” counter

:joy: no, because we can’t calculate price in real-time at this moment/it requires users to refresh to pull new data. unfortunately!


what would you rephrase it to, jamie?

please don’t say deposit/withdraw :joy:


Would it be possible to add “search” function to Assets page (i.e. the screen with Shield button)?

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lol, I won’t.
Maybe make it more of a verb instead of sounding like a noun.
“Let’s Shield” “Let’s Unshield”
“Shield Your Coin/Asset”
Something like that


do you mean PRV value as in price, or PRV value as in how much you have of that coin?

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PRV value of that coin, as in how much I have of that coin. So that low value and zero value coins that I own are at the bottom.

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Hey there, some Qs:

  1. Shield = Receive-out, Unshield = Send-out. Why merging Unshield/Receive-out and keeping the others?
  2. ‘Extra time to load’ sounds horrifying. What do you think about caching balance locally? 99% of the time the balance won’t change, waiting for even 1 more second is wasteful imo.
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Don’t go wild on caching though. User’s resources are not endless.

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with the recent app performance update, we are already doing this to some extent. stuff should be loading much faster now. however, sometimes it will need to refresh. we’ll be continuing to improve on these times - across all screens.

guessing you mean send-out here. these are very similar actions imo, the flow is exactly the same (for the user). from that viewpoint, the only difference is destination.

as for shield vs. receive in-network, the one-time addresses for shield make it quite a different experience - and as the entry point to incognito, it does perhaps deserve some extra visibility.

having said all that - the current design clearly marks the difference between out-network actions (shield/unshield), and in-network actions (send/receive). personally, i feel it would be more narratively coherent to keep it as is, but user feedback seems to indicate differently. let’s see what the poll says!


It would also be helpful if in the app:

  • pDEX listed my balance of coin
  • When you drill into a coin in Assets, by shield/unshield buttons there was a button to take you to the pDex. Bonus points for having that coin loaded to trade!
  • Minor but on my phone at least, the Community button is below the fold. I vote for it being first in its section.

that’s below the Preview button - is that what you mean?

this is in the coin detail screen - on the top right corner. and it takes you to the relevant pair - to buy with PRV. there isn’t one for PRV though - there probably should!

\o/ it will be different for every phone yeah, but probably should be bumped up!

Sorry, I left out a key piece of info. :laughing: I loose sight of the balance when I click into the coin to choose an amount. It would be great if I could still see the balance then.

Yes please!

I think this is an important concept as well, and maybe it might make sense to have text hints under “Send” button that says “Sending out of network will Unshield your coins and remove privacy”… Something that helps connect Sending out of network to the Unshielding process…

I could see a new user thinking that Shielding, then sending, would somehow keep their privacy, because they never “Unshielded”… so probably important to drive home that sending out of network, IS unshielding (which IS removing your privacy).