Need help: Best practice to use incognito to move eth to a new public eth address privately.

I am looking to create a new hardware wallet that is completely separate from my current ETH activity. My goal would be to move an even amount such as 10 ETH from the current wallet through Incognito to my new ETH address.

I have read about other services like tornado cash where everyone is depositing 1 eth at a time and withdrawing 1 eth (at a later time) so that the pool of funds makes it difficult to impossible to track (larger the pool the harder to track).

Incognito is different where everyone is shielding and unshielding random amounts. So the question is how do I shield the 10 ETH in a way that I can later withdraw to the new wallet privately?

Second Question: If I should the 10 ETH through pUniswap to USDC in one transaction then this would not be an anonymous trade because the block explorer will show 10 eth with sold for x USDC. Correct?

Thanks for the help.

Hello @johnsnow267,

I think this thread has some information that you are asking for: