Need for Testnet1 PRV faucet or PRV itself

Could you send some testnet1 PRV or provide me with a link to testnet1 PRV faucet? @Support

To see my balance after receiving PRV, I submitted OTA key of the account below into testnet1 fullnode. There isn’t any problem using the same address/OTA/private key of my account in testnet1, is there?


P.S. : I mean the network used by by testnet1.

Here is my account address: 12sdiswx1TjNeR2VjHg3BuEqth15NzKhESmrEhUB8dgkd7HvpVKugrSY1eC4tWCy3C3F9hkLW1HMtDBPumQXAXCoMmWjfBMmefJDo2EdpvuKmjadror8AngKjKkaCVFcNWHZDsHbrrbCCXKPbw1F

Any help? :slight_smile: @Support

sent txid 1dd7fa5f63e86948a9c1a3fe5ea2a1ec760fe9e139e711dbcde76bf4b759b61c