Need Advice

I have a issue with a company I purchase btc from long story short I had an issue purchasing crypto so I found a company called instacoins. Last year I made 3 transactions with them and sent them to my Incognito wallet since the wallet is anonymous I guess they tried to trace it but were unable too. They contacted me saying my account is temporarily suspended unless I can show them where the transactions went. I refuse to let them know where it actually went because I believe that is an invasion to my privacy. I asked them why are they seeking this issue when no crime has been committed because they said the address seems suspicious and request proof if I want to continue doing business with them.

My question is really what I can I used to the btc to purchase that is believable in order to recover my account?

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Did you receive all 3 transactions into your Incognito wallet?

If you have, I would advise no longer doing business with them. This company sounds like they think they own the BTC that you purchased.

Yes I did the only thing is that it’s hard to purchase bitcoin in my state and I had an unfortunate situation with coinbase and can no longer use then it’s really hard to purchase bitcoin do you have any suggestions?

Where are you located? If you don’t feel comfortable posting it on a public forum you can PM me and I can try to help you.