Name the new Node product: 100 PRV

  • STAKT / STAC (modular, stackble function)
  • UP+ (required up to each other)
  • MOD (multi/ module + Node)

iNode “innovation,innovative”
sNode “super”
bNode “Best, big”
mNode “multifunctional, multi, module”
lNode “love, on top of each other”
fNode “family”

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Node Express

Fits between Node and (yet to be released) Node Pro. Connotates ease of installation. Name implies that product is not as powerful as (yet to be released) Node Pro while differentiating it from current Node hardware.

Stack of Node Express could be referred to as Node Express x2, x3, etc or Express x2, x3, etc or eNode x2, x3, etc.

Node Element

Fits between Node and Node Pro. Element name suggests building block conceit - both physically (stack of Node Elements = multiple elements combine to form a molecule) and conceptually (multiple elements are part of a larger molecule = multiple nodes are part of a larger network).

A Stack of Node Elements could be a Node Molecule. Or Node Element/eNode x2, x3, etc.

Xnode- exchange nodes
X as unknown, multiple and exchange
The x will imply multiple node ability and being part of a private exchange system.
Plus we can all be X-men ( I call Wolverine)

Node Lion / Voltron

Voltron is the Defender of the Universe and a fully formed Node Voltron is the Defender of Privacy. Multiple nodes (aka Node Lion) come together to form a Node Voltron, strengthening the network and defending crypto privacy for all!

Bonus points for offering Node Lion in five colors: black, red, green, yellow and blue!

Voltron is a licensed character. This entry is just a fun entry. Its probably a poor use of resources to license the name.


Merkle: Hash > Leaf > Tree

The powered base is called the merkle:Hash. Each node is called a merkle:Leaf or merkle:Node. And a stack is a called a merkle:Tree.

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Wiglaf / Beowulf

Powered base is the Heorot base.
Each node is a Wiglaf node.
A stack of nodes is a Beowulf cluster!

But It would make a stack of nodes pretty rad looking

Pnode Prime


We should make the convention:


where p’s = number in the stack. LOL

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haha great idea. @ning was thinking about calling it aNode (as a is for array). then, what about node pro?

Earlier this year, wasn’t there mention of a beacon chain level type of staking… as long as the name doesn’t get it confused with that?

I think node pro has a connotation to mac and their different laptop tiers, which is nice, but pnode versus node-pro (node-p) might be problematic

aNode is fun and makes sense, but may sound like something dirty, which could be a good thing :wink:

yeah i wasn’t too sure about the name node pro either. we didn’t give much thought on the name… we just pick one so that we can move on and actually go build it.

what’s your thought on node open?

open because it works not just with incognito but also other networks. it will come with a chain store - like an app store, but instead of apps, you’ll have chains that you can install/uninstall.

Node open does sound pretty catchy and interesting. Alternately, Open Node or (O-Node) might fit our previous convention well and essentially mean the same thing.

Node-Multi or Multi-Node (M-Node), meaning both as a stack or its multiple chains.

hey everyone! after much deliberation, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 options. the voting has begun! head on over to the topic below to cast your vote. :raised_hands:

That is going to be confusing “aNode”.
I have a Node
Do you have a Node, or an aNode?

How bout NodePod?

What about the
Prv Nito
The Cog


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