Nakamoto Coefficient for Incognito?

@Jared I was wondering where Incognito stands on the Nakamoto Coefficient scale which is as I understand it a measure of the number validators that would have to collude to disrupt the network from functioning properly. I would think since we have crossed 3000 validators this coefficient (as some rough, to be taken with a grain of salt, measure of decentralization) is climbing. Of course, there are other measures of decentralization as mentioned elsewhere in this forum, so this coefficient isn’t the only or perhaps even primary way to try to quantify decentralization, but it would be nice to list it somewhere in our path to decentralization discussions somewhere since it is recognizable term of reference. It has been two years since this old link: Incognito's pragmatic approach to decentralization and this one Incognito's pragmatic approach to decentralization

Are these reports worth updating perhaps with all the improvements since then?