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This is my first post here on the incognito website, so will write a little background before coming to the earnings. Firstly kudos to the incognito team for filling the void of missing privacy in the crypto world. I am very supportive and firmly believe in concept of privacy and would love to see more and more people using this platform in everyday life. I am not a technical person like many people out here, and learning the basics about all this and getting the idea about the privacy took me a while.

I came across PRV and Incognito while investing with and their PRV staking mechanism. Obviously that lead me to the website, which unfortunately is very very confusing and not at all straightforward for a common user. ( btw the website should be considerably improved in order for novice to navigate and get the point, about which I would like to write more in a different post). After reading through the tutorials I was able to start staking 800 PRV with constant, which gives a 50% PA simple interest, the earnings grow every 30 minutes , this made around 1.2 PRV per day which is around 8.4 PRV per week . You can reinvest your earnings every 10 PRV generated. - The best part of it is that this earning is guaranteed. I am very pleased with them in general, their interface is very easy and simple and their customer care is excellent.

I got more enthusiastic and ordered a pNode after reading about it here. The information which I got from here gave me the impression that with a pNode ( shared staking was the only available option at that time 25/75 ratio) I would make around $25-$30 a month and would recoup my $400 in around 16 to 18 months, and require Zero technical knowledge . Little did I know that even with the pNode there is no guarantee that your node will be selected, its a random process and my luck is not good overall with randomness. So I kinda made just 8 PRV in a month :frowning: Spoiler … it did not work out very well for me. So considering a PRV = $0.35 I made say $3 in a month with an investment on $400 which is around 9% PA Simple ROI. This is my experience and someone else might have had a totally different experience.

Then came Corona, everyone had a lot of time, I started searching for some more info and see if I was the only unfortunate one or are there other people like me, and were there any other ways to stake. I came across 2 very great posts. Thanks to @Mike_Despo @Grant @fitz_fiat

These are the posts

  1. Node Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 5/16/20 ( That’s the latest as of today)

  2. Staking pool options

Mike’s post gave a very good analysis of what exactly is the actual earning if someone stakes with a vNode . He has 8 full nodes and by staking full node with 1750 PRV he is making around 45 PRV per week on an average. So he made around 123% PA simple interest ROI. With a vNode again the factor of ramdomness it still there. Since he has 8 nodes he can give an average value spread over all of them. A good crossection of data.

Fit’z and Grant’s post gave all the current options and the comparison between all the staking options as of the date of the post, which are constant, jservers shared , jservers full.
I would like to add that, of lately incognito has also allowed a full node staking with 1750 on a pNode , which will be somewhat similar to Mike’s earning of 45 PRV however the tricky part here is will your node be selected or not. Pretty soon we will be able to stake directly in the wallet and it seems to be exactly the same as that of Constant giving 50% PA.

So after researching more and getting help and feedback from the great members of this community on Telegram, I finally gave jservers a try. Being a novice and having been conned with a ponsy scheme like bitconnect, I was really scared of investing my money just based on gut feeling and trust. Thanks to the members again I was convinced that I should give a try. I just hope my trust is not broken in the future.
However, I chose to invest in shared nodes rather than investing in a full node as the chances of being selected are more when using multiple nodes. At least that’s what my feeling is.
So I invested 1260 PRV spread over 4 nodes which was 315 PRV per node which is 18% of 1750. No particular reason of why this amount, I just could get this much. This means that I should make 18% of a full node( -3% of my earning as fees) so assuming that a full node would make 45 prv I should make 8 prv per node which should be around 31 PRV per week, which is around 85% PA ROI.
My actual earning : Now after the 1st week, I made around 21 PRV in total after fees. This is around 80% PA ROI. Which is not bad and better than 50% and certainly better than 9% . I would certainly recommend

Getting inspired by @Mike_Despo I would try to post my earning with my shared nodes with jservers. I’m not sure how long would I be able to consistently give the results but will do for as long as I can.

Week 1: Week of 3/30
Total investment 1260 PRV over 4 nodes of 315 PRV Each 18%
Earning : 21 PRV
ROI : 80%
Price of PRV as of writing this post : $0.41

Hopefully this would help some people who are looking to join this community and move forward with the idea of #privacyforall !!


Price of PRV


I’m wondering about the pnode long term. I kind of want one but I’m worried that a year from now there will be so many nodes that it won’t even roi.


I can understand your concern very well. I made just 8 PRV for the whole 1st month and now i’m getting around 15 to 22 PRV every week. Its just been a few weeks ive been using it. I am making a record of it so everyone can benefit from it.
Check out this thread. Earning Statistics - jServers running a Shared vNode and a pNode
Earning are very inconsistent, its a random process, but when you look at a long term , on an average it gets balanced.

Yes you are right as more people start using nodes, which is better for the network, the earnings will get less. However if the concept of privacy is understood by the masses and adopted , the volume should compensate for the increased division. Also you do get paid not just in PRV , you also make BTC, ETH and other currencies and as people start using incognito for their daily transactions more and more you would see more earnings in those currencies. As you said you are looking for long term, just think of it as investing your money in a different kind of investing vehicle. In High Yield Savings account you might get a max of 1.5 to 2% APY. In the long term , you would certainly make more than any of the traditional investments. However again you should be careful about investing in crypto in general. Don’t invest your savings in it. Always be prepared that you might loose all of it. Earning PRV has great ROI but it is just as good as the Incognito project is. If the project is successful, which I believe it should be if the team plays it well, as early adopters we might be pretty happy!