My question is: WHEN DARK MODE?!?

Seriously, it cannot be that hard to just invert all the black things to white and the white to black and put a toggle in settings or better yet, a tiny toggle moon icon in the corner.

This one little thing would make such a big difference for user experience. At night I use incognito app as a flashlight.

I have been with incognito for over a year now and love the possibilities it is opening up. I really want it to succeed.

Please do this little thing next update!


Lololololol incognito app as a flashlight. Priceless!



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Yes please!! :waning_crescent_moon::sunny:

@JoyRaptor @SPAddict25 @Mike_Wagner @Ariadne

Just want to mention the forum already has dark mode but the app itself does not. The devs are busy and do not have have a chance to work on dark mode right now.

If you would like to set dark mode on the forum do the following:

Click your profile button top right > click your username > preferences > click the right drop down and click interface at the bottom > change to dark mode. Don’t forget to save changes.