My node keeps going offline!

My node keeps shutting off after 3 days or so. It’s been 10 full days since turning it on and it being connected etc. and I haven’t been picked yet. My question and wonder is, does my probability start over every time it goes offline and I have to restart it? I contacted support and was told, it’s a computer so it’ll go to sleep after a while and the fix is to just simply unplug it and plug it back in to wake up. It works, it goes back online immediately but again, does my probability of being selected also reset at the lowest possible chance?

Use nito bot or ensi to check your node status. 99.9% of the time it is fine. Restarting your node delays your opportunity to get selected sometimes if it isnt syncd with the network when the selection process happens. Its a long standing problem with the incog app that shows your node offline when it isnt. That being said, your node doesn’t earn everyday. I can be selected 3 times in a week or 1 once in a month. Its completely random by design. My average has been around 10-14 days

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Can you please explain to me what ensi or nito bot works exactly and how I can use it? I’m very new and still learning about this. I tried googling it but couldn’t find much about it. Thanks again for your help!

Sure! Both are telegram bots designed by builders in this community. Both will tell you when the status of your node changes (I.E. waiting, pending, earning). They will also give other helpful info like how much it earned, if it goes offline, etc. You can find a more info in how to setup both below. All you will need is your nodes public key,which you can find in your Keychain on the incognito app. Links to nito bot here and ENSI bot here


@keyglock I would also encourage you to use and enter your pNODE’s public key to check it’s status.

I have had to reset my pNODE a few times, but have not noticed that it slowed the selection process.

Thank you! I’m using it now!

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Thank you so much! I was able to get ENSI setup and working. I also tried getting Nito setup but it just says “I’ll add Node 1 to the list, please stand by!” and it stays like that, no update or anything. I tried it 3 times and I’m pretty sure I did it right because I setup ENSI the same way and that one works.


You can find post of the projects by the community builders who developed them in the “Builders Community” section of this forum. If there is a problem, or suggestion you want to mention, add it in a reply on the dedicated post.

Those posts are the shortest line between builder and user.


Is this real? Nobody thought to implement power management on these devices?

My node is reportedly “Offline” and I didn’t get any warning about it

I used ensi, my node has been showing offline since before this posting but its online. Ensi informed me when my node started earning etc and while the incognito app was showing my node is offline I earned PRV yesterday.

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The app will show an offline status for the node when it can’t read its status. This doesn’t necessarily mean the network can’t reach your node. Those are different things.

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Is there a way to fix this?

Hey @keyglock,

Do you know that No need for other tools anymore.