My BTC from coinbase isn’t showing up

So here, I forgot to send to an intermediary wallet. And instead sent directly from coinbase.

I am very eager to transfer to doge

So please help me as soon as you can.

Initial pending transaction seems to have disappeared as I also started another shielded deposit while that was going.

Here is a screen shot from the coinbase side

And here is a link to the blockchain

Please help me ASAP. funds aren’t showing up amd doge is going back up

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Please check the incoming transaction within the Incognito app.

No one can speed up the transaction processing time for you. The only thing can be done is help if it is stuck for some reason. Check the transaction, if it says processing [#] all you can do is wait.

Did this get processed already? Can I mark this thread closed?

If not, please send a private message to support along with your screenshots. Instructions are here:

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No it did not, the money has still not shown up in my incognito bitcoin wallet…

It says it was successful in blockchain explorer last I looked had 22 confirmations.


I want to speak to a representative immediately. I’ve heard of issues like thus where it’s avail, but people simply can’t see it for whatever reason. This is time sensitive.

I already provided all materials needed to help me. @Support

can you send direct message to @Support with the following info:

A screenshot of the shield, must contain the following info:
- Shield ID:
- off-chain tx hash
- What was the token being shield
- Temporary wallet address
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If your shield request still didn’t go through, please click the [Resume] button in the history detail screen.