My announcement about Incognito BSC Bridge :)

Hey all precious hodlers,

Yes, I did :slight_smile: I filled in the listing form of (which contains all BSC-related projects) for Incognito BSC bridge at the weekend. Finally, they have listed Incognito BSC Bridge.


Region capture 127

What do you think about my description/entries?


Thanks for the contribution, buddy, this is really meaningful for us to be honest. Although we haven’t had a “real” BCS bridge on the Mainnet yet, it was on our list already and will be rolled out in a few months.


I asked that question today in Telegram, if I can unshield BNB from Incognito App directly to BSC wallet?
I guess currently it’s not possible?
Rolled out in a few months? :roll_eyes:
What happened to incognito?

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Have you read the link or Duc’s explanation? :slight_smile: It’s “in development”.

Currently, you can unshield BNB to “BC” wallet and then to “BSC” wallet. This is so easy and cheap.


Great guys! Community is tough on incognito’s problems, but we also have to acknowledge when things start to go in right direction. Decentralization, robustness and go mainstream! Thanks


Moving BNB from BC to BSC cost 0.004 BNB kinda cheap compared to eth, but BNB is at 500… Later it will be 5000, so why don’t save me that 0.004 BNB???

I indeed read, that it’s being worked on, and I wondered why it’s not already rolled out?
Dev team was so fast last year…
It seems things slowed down a bit.

Well … Incognito + BSC is about to get even more … interesting.

Scrolled onto this post on reddit today:

PrivacySwap will achieve its vision of a private and safe to use blockchain with its governance and utility token, called PRV

PrivacySwap is a BSC based project also calling their token PRV. We already get confused users asking if this token is the same Incognito. Can only imagine how much more confused people are going to be with two wholly unrelated PRV tokens/ecosystems kicking around on the BSC ecosystem. At least the icons are different. :roll_eyes:

All for a two month old project. @duc


Thanks for posting this info @Mike_Wagner.

I was doing a search for the price of PRV on CoinGecko and noticed “PrivacySwap” came up under the ticker PRV. But what was alarming was Incognito’s “PRV” price has disappeared.

Is anyone on the incognito core team aware that the “PRV” price feed to CoinGecko is no longer available?