Muffin Coins Improved listing

Muffin Coin has been relisted with a better LP pool to allow more people to purchase or add to the pool themselves. In thoughts currently on how to reward LP providers for being in LP pool. Possibly an airdrop system to wallets confirmed to be providing liquidity. Not sure how this would work with Incognito but willing to give it some tries. Also the official discord and Telegram for the group has been locked to the public and now the only way to enter the VIP group is to have 5 MFFN tokens or there is a fiat option to the discord only at: Become a Patron!

The token entry fee is 5 MFFN 50% of which is instantly burned and destroyed and the other half goes into a community treasury fund. This treasury fund will have its funds used in the way the community votes to use them. Any proposal can be presented to the community to be voted on.

The group has a focus on the Muffin Coins future and on trading and defi. People can come to share their experiences of losses and gains. I have worked my damnedest to get in touch with different Defi devs as well to have some insider insight into a few projects. One amazing tool that will be releasing later this month is revealed in our Discord for example.
For a hint imagine the most in depth defi dashboard youve ever seen :money_mouth_face:

lock up your muffins smaller