Moving your Node Virtual from A to B


For many reasons, you may want to move your Node Virtual to another host, another plan, another server. It sounds like trouble, but it is really easy.

Information Used for First Node Virtual

  1. You started your first Node Virtual by running the command from the guide. That command has the validator key of the account you want to use for your Node Virtual earnings in it. This piece of information is stored in the blockchain.

  2. You added the Node Virtual to the Wallet app by entering the IP address. (The account attached to Node Virtual is already present, or in case it is not, can be imported using the private key of that account). This information is only stored in the Wallet app.

  3. You staked the Node Virtual with 1,750 PRV by using the button on the Node tab. This action ties the stake to the account (not to the Node Virtual). This information is stored in the blockchain.

Information Used for New Node Virtual

When you look at the information mentioned above, you will notice the only thing that is going to change for the new setup is the IP address. This information is not stored in the blockchain, only in the app.

This makes moving your Node Virtual a piece of cake.

  1. Stop the first Node Virtual
  2. Start the new Node Virtual, by running the command from the guide, on the new server. Use the same validator key as you used for the first Node Virtual.
  3. Add the new Node Virtual to the Wallet app. The information about staking is stored in the blockchain, thus still available.

That is it.
Give the app some time to adjust to the new situation.

No Need to Unstake

Since the PRV amount you staked is tied to the account you use (not to your Node Virtual), there is no need to make any changes there. As long as you keep using the validator key of that account in the command to start the Node Virtual, your Node Virtual will be instantly operational.

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Thanks for this, did this yesterday no problem!

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